Asta 2

Quick 'Office' Thoughts

Building an episode around Cafe Disco seemed like an odd storytelling choice, a joke that got old about twenty minutes in. But when everyone joined in to dance to YMCA, I got a huge grin on my face that lasted throughout the entire scene. And, once again, Michael proved why he's good at his job. His methods may be, well, crazy, but he succeeded in bringing the staff back together...accept for Stanley who slept through it all.

Does everyone else really like Kelly AKA Erin? I really like her. She's cheerful without be annoying. That's tough to do.

The best thing about tonight's Bones? The star of another FOX show.
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Re: Bones
I'm having a huge problem with the baby storyline. I don't have a problem with Brennen changing her mind about having a child. I can even see her logic telling her she should pass on her genes to the next generation. But it's all so sudden. I mean, who, moments into a therapy session, suddenly announces they want to have a baby and asks their friend/partner to be the sperm donor? And while Brennen has trouble reading people, how can she not see the implications of asking Booth to do this? And are we really to believe that Booth, who adores his son and loves being a father, would really be hands off? It doesn't make sense.

After hearing about Stewie's appearance, I suspected Booth had a brain tumor. I did like that he listened to Brennen and got his ass to a hospital asap. And their interaction at the hospital was touching. Plus, I could find Booth telling her to have his child, should he die during the procedure, completely believable.

I'm not sure what's going on in the finale. It looked like some AU version of the show.
Re: Bones
From what I saw in the promo, it would seem like fantasy rather than reality. But if it is a dream, it would seem to contradict statements by David and Emily about certain things really happening between them and a bit of a cliffhanger in regards to their relationship. Or they could be lying.