Asta 2

Quick 'Office' Thoughts

Building an episode around Cafe Disco seemed like an odd storytelling choice, a joke that got old about twenty minutes in. But when everyone joined in to dance to YMCA, I got a huge grin on my face that lasted throughout the entire scene. And, once again, Michael proved why he's good at his job. His methods may be, well, crazy, but he succeeded in bringing the staff back together...accept for Stanley who slept through it all.

Does everyone else really like Kelly AKA Erin? I really like her. She's cheerful without be annoying. That's tough to do.

The best thing about tonight's Bones? The star of another FOX show.
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Was Pam wearing a prom dress? I was really hoping she wouldn't get married in a prom dress.

I hate to admit it, but I identified with Angela a little. I find cleaning fun too!

I liked the Kelly/Andy interaction. Given Kelly's habit of getting involved with coworkers I wonder if that will go anywhere.