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Claudia Black Convention Appearance Alert

For my Canadian friends in and around Toronto who happen to be Claudia Black fans - I know there are a couple of you - Claudia will be appearing at Polaris, July 10 and 11. She was just added this weekend. Perhaps some other of her costars might join her there yet. :)

Oh, and Michael Hogan is also a guest if anyone needs further enticement to go.
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Yeah, I had seen this and was trying to decide what to do with this information. On one hand, the ability to see Claudia for the price of a day pass to the con and a TTC ticket is enticing, certainly. On the other hand, though, the part of me that doesn't really care about seeing the actors--even Claudia--and thinks that the real fun part of cons is hanging out with other fans is sort of winning out. If I don't have friends going, I'm very unlikely to go myself, even for Claudia, even if it's nearby.
Well, if I see Jamie's name appear on the guest list I'd seriously consider going and would be your con buddy. :)
hmmm almost too much of a distance to drive for me, but maybe.....
It's probably a four hour drive. I'd cross my fingers for a reasonable airfare. I could use my passport!
OK. You do know you have a place to stay, yes? And if you came, I'd prolly go to the con.
Thanks. :) Since Claudia is going to Dragon Con she's not enough to entice me to go. But should Jamie grace us with his appearance, I'd HAVE to seriously consider it. ;-)