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The SciFi (But Not SyFy) Edition

Life seems to be rather boring at the moment, so I shall just share some links of possible interest.

Battlestar Galactica

bsg_bigbang is hosting a BSG Big Bang Challenge. I had never heard of such a challenge before, but it sounds intriguing:

The objective: write a piece of fiction that is at least twenty thousand words, set in the Battlestar Galactica universe. It can be any kind of plot, any (or no) pairing. Gen, het, slash, it doesn't matter. Once your piece of fiction is complete, you'll be matched with an artist or vidder who will take your story and produce art for it. The end result is what many people are looking for: longer fan fiction stories set in the BSG universe!

Signups begin tomorrow. I can't commit to writing a fic, but being an artist or cheerleader is a wee bit tempting.

A brave and ambitious soul has decided to right some of the wrongs of Season 4.5 and has created Battlestar Redactica, fan edited alternatives to the mutiny arc and the final episodes of the series, up to but not including the finale. I've watched some of it and it's intriguing and very ell done. And I will always support less of Bill Adama and his emo. ;) Before watching, you may want to check out comments regarding some streaming issues.

Star Trek

Cinematical discusses how the film fails the Bechdel test. (You may like this, no_detective. ;)

And the Huffington Post laments Trek's gender problem along with a mention of BSG.

I have to admit, the lack of female characters, in general, didn't bother me as much as it perhaps should have. Since it's a prequel/reboot and Star Trek was such a male dominated series, I cut the film some slack. Yes, Uhura was, at times, shown to be a sex object, but that was from Kirk's POV and he's strongly depicted as a stubborn, cocky, arrogant, womanizing ass. Or is that just my take on him? ;)

Also mitigating the lack of strong female characters, for me, is the lack of strong male characters. When the men succeed if the film, it's the result of luck, often dumb luck, rather than intellect.

ETA. ComicMix has a really long breakdown of how the new 'Star Trek' reflects previously established continuity. The article helped clarify a few things for me.
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Meh, I'm fully prepared to admit that it makes me hypocritical, but I just can't work up the energy to be offended over the gender issues in Star Trek. The last two movies I saw previous to ST were Wolverine and The Watchmen, and next to the women in those movies, Uhura almost seems like a feminist icon, you know what I mean? At least she doesn't get raped or killed, and she's a respected member of the crew.

Yes, that's how low my standards for female characters have become when it comes to summer action movies.
Eh, I'm not worked up, but the articles raise some interesting points and made me think. And let us not even speak of 'Watchmen'. That movie was offensive on many levels.
Oh good, so BSG has Big Bang also! I was just wondering about it. I signed up to do art for SPN Big Bang this year at the last minute. Hee, I can't believe I was lucky enough to get to "prescreen" an awesome story. Now I'm worried I won't be able to do justice to the fic. :\

I think you totally should sign up for the Big Bang!
I keep going back and forth on the Big Bang since I have a story I want to write, but I want to do it on my own timeline (and I have cheerleaders and betas already). I could volunteer to do artwork, but I could do artwork for my own story instead! I don't know, I have time to think about it all.
I can feel the start of a panic in me as the deadline is drawing closer, and I haven't got a clue yet on the layout of the WP.

So yeah, I totally understand the deadline thingie. But as writer goes, if I understand correctly, the sky won't fall if it isn't met. You just won't be included in the BB's master list. You can still post the story at your journal though.

So what is the story you want to write? Is it Lee/Laura? Do I need to ask? ;) I wish you would go for it!
The fic I'm contemplating is Lee/Laura centric, but also a Season 4 AU. It would be an ambitious project. At least when compared to what I've written before.
Heh. Technically, Star Trek passes the Bechdel test because Uhura talks to her roommate about the Klingon transmission, BUT she's also 100% gratuitously stripping down to her underwear in the process while Kirk is watching (which is not just Kirk's objectifying POV but the director's decision to let the audience see her almost naked - there were other ways to film Kirk as voyeur without totally objectifying her). You know, I wonder how many guys had to ask their friends if the whole Klingon translation came out of nowhere when it was mentioned on the bridge - it might have been challenging for them to listen to what Uhura was saying in that earlier scene. ;)

But still, I wasn't really bothered by the gender issues. My expectations matched my previous experience of ST:TOS, so that was that. And I really enjoyed the movie!

(Btw, Jamie is on the list of AfterElton's 2009 list of 100 hottest men. So is Hugh Jackman.)
The gender issues didn't bother me either. It's what I expected given I went in thinking it was a prequel film trying to stay true to the original series as much as possible. Now knowing it's a reimagining/AU, on second viewing I might feel differently. Then again, I don't have the gender issues others are having with BSG. Could Ron Moore have handled the women's roles differently/better? Yes. But I'm choosing to focus on the good he did, and there was a lot of it, rather than the mistakes or, more accurately, oversights he made.