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The Internets

So, Twitter is down for about an hour for maintenance at the same time the hamsters that power LJ decide to go on a smoke break which leaves me thinking, "OMG, I'm cut off from all my friends!" Granted I had nothing to say at that moment and there is this thing called email, but for a few seconds it really hit me how important the various networking sites are to my life.

While I've been trying to avoid the media frenzy surrounding Ms. California, I feel compelled to share Jon Stewart's thoughts since he says what I've been thinking so much better than I could. Plus, he's a *little* funnier than me.

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Granted, I'm terrible at keeping up with LJ AND twitter. But just when I thought about catching up, BOTH was down! O.O

I thought I was going into withdrawal, or TPTB is playing with my head, lol.

ETA: Just watched the Jon Stewart clip. He rocks!

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