It'd be nice to have a non gratuitous nakedness version to introduce people with; if you've ever seen the series in walmart or whatever, I'm sure the big WARNING sticker on it dissuades some.

I'm sure Tapping would like to have her genitals line removed too, although then the joke five years later wouldn't make any sense.
I had forgotten the series originally ran on Showtime so when I saw the uncut pilot for the first time I had a "Woe!" moment. The nudity was really unnecessary and other than dropping the nudity, the show didn't change going from pay cable to basic cable.
From the running time it doesn't look to be any longer, or at least noticeably longer, so I'm wondering what changes they've made too. Maybe they cut stuff they felt didn't work and put in scenes that were left out originally?
Maybe they could go through the entire series and elimante the zat gun vaporizing stuff on the third shot. :P
Is that the standard Final Ultimate Collectors Edition Director's Cut, or the Final Ultimate Collectors Limited Edition Director's Cut in the fancy tin case?
I'm actually having a hard time figuring out what "more" of that episode would make me want to buy it again. I mean, I love the show and all, but this is Stargate, not Blade Runner.
I'm curious and a completist and I enjoy comparing and contrasting so, yes, I'll bite.
I'll agree with that. Blade Runner is my favorite film (I have read three out of four of the original BR novels, the Making of Blade Runner book, and various magazine articles in addition to having the five disc silver case set on DVD and the a one disc CD version of the soundtrack). I'm even going to torture myself and read the 23 to 24 issue comic book adaptation of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Ship? (it starts next month from Boom!).

I might check out the Stargate TV recut since I don't own many of the SG-1 seasons on DVD.