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Is NBC Trying to Make Up for Sticking Us with Leno Five Nights a Week?

Chuck has been renewed! I've been feeling fairly confidant that it would be the past couple weeks, but it's official. Of course, Chuck didn't get the 13 episode pick up without some concessions or, more precisely, cost cutting. Expect series regulars to be bumped down to recurring status. And two writers may be out of work. While I do feel bad for any cast member forced to take a pay cut, it did occur to me that not every series regular appeared in every episode last season and, on occasion, I wondered why certain characters were in an episode.

In case you hadn't heard, Dollhouse was picked up for 13 episodes. I'll let others be excited about that. </i>Bones</i> was renewed for two seasons. I'd be more excited about that if it weren't for the uneven season the show just had (cases of the week were fine, characterizations were WTF?) and a one of the worst finales of any show I've ever seen. Still no official word on House (see comments about Bones), but I can't imagine FOX not renewing their top rated scripted series. And there are reports that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canceled, but the guys who actually make the show have yet to receive any word on that. (ETA: There is am unconfirmed rumor that TSCC will be getting a 13 episode pick up.)

And over on ABC, Castle will have a second season. WOO! Nathan tweeted he can't recall the last time he was on a show that had a second season. ;) Scrubs will back, in some form. Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke have agreed to come back for six episodes.
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(ETA: There is am unconfirmed rumor that TSCC will be getting a 13 episode pick up.)

Oh I SO hope this turns out to be true!
It appears House is back, though I never thought it was even a question.

There are lots of rumours about Sarah Connor, so I'm trying not to cry until Fox's upfront.
Oh, great news about Chuck!
Don't know why they renewed Dollhouse though. Poor ratings and not much potential :(
Didn't watch Bobes finale but the season was so weird - like pieces that don't fit together.
Huh, Castle was way better than Bones. Not sure if they'd manage pull off the second season with the same attitude though.
Unconfirmed rumour? uncomfirmed rumour!?! *clings to it desperately*
Now that's just wrong to cancel a show and tell the guys making it the last. Plain rude. But I'm glad for the rumor about TSCC being picked up. If they did, I'll start watching it.
Bones gets not one but two new seasons on order? That's a pretty striking decision, given how wonky aspects of this current season were.

Still, excellent news about Castle - I hope Nathan Fillion doesn't die of shock!
Both Ausiello and Kristin said today that TSCC is kaput. I'm still holding out hope for The Unit, though.