Whilst I'm not surprised (this is Fox after all), there are no words for how pissed off this makes me, especially after they renewed the crap that is Dollhouse (a decision which surely has to be about $ because, as you say, it can't be about ratings)
It's about money and partial ownership of the show and DVD sales and nothing about nurturing Joss's vision or whatever crap they are spewing. I have no problem with them trying to make money, just be honest about it.
That's what I figured it was all about, and indeed, but then this lot wouldn't know honesty if it came up and slapped them.

Have to say that the crap that Reilly has come out with today is sooo not helping. The idea that they gave the show 'consistent scheduling' is laughable for a start.
I'm not even a fan of T:TSCC but I'm vicariously pissed for the fans. Part of that is probably due to the fact that I think Dollhouse has no redeeming value whatsoever and where they placed it on their schedule, after two (awful) comedies, I don't think they believe it has much value either. But it seems like they're thought process is eh, it's Joss Whedon and we've already given T:TSCC it's sophomore season of burying it on a Friday and it didn't survive. So, we'll slash the budget in order to bring it back(like they did with T:TSCC) and it'll be a good placeholder until we cancel it after another disappointing season. And hey, Eliza Dushku DOES have a kickin' body. I'm sure we can still capitalize on that for *something*.
My theory is they are looking at the potential DVD sales for the die hard Joss Whedon followers. They own the show, along with Joss, and stand to make money off of it beyond ad revenue, unlike with TSCC. (Plus, it sounds like they got the show at a fire sale price.) I just think FOX is being a bit naive about the fan base for the show. You, I, and many others are fans of Joss's previous series, but have zero interest in Dollhouse. I believe everyone has a clunker in their oeuvre and I'm not turned off of watching whatever Joss comes up with next. I'm just not going to help him succeed with this series which I find offensive on many levels and starring a woman who is a mediocre actress, at best. It does sadden me that we now get another season of it, rather than a series with several strong female leads that aren't required to be violated every week and play the victim unless a switch is thrown.

End of rant. Though, I knew you'd appreciate it. ;)
It's not about ratings. It's about what share of the show Fox owns. The financing structures for the two shows were completely different: Fox made *way* more money off Dollhouse, percentage-wise, than off TSCC, and also TSCC has a much higher budger that Fox can't recoup. Fox made Dollhouse slash their budget for the second season renewal; TSCC couldn't do the same.
This article lays out it was an either/or decision (contrary to what FOX has claimed previously).

FOX hasn't made any money off of Dollhouse...yet...but I'm well aware they are looking at future DVD sales and the die hard fans buying the box sets. They can claim they want to nurture Joss's creativity and vision, but it's really all about the money. Not that I fault them for wanting to make a profit, just be honest about it.
Nooooooooooo! *cries*

I understand the issue of studio ownership (FOX owning Dollhouse, MGM owning TSCC), but I'm still extremely bitter that a show with so many problems and exploitation issues is getting another 13 episodes while TSCC got canned. WAH.
Oh crap! Sorry to hear it. So the rumor didn't pan out. I was just geared up to watch TSCC. Did it end with cliffhanger? I still would watch it if it has a decent resolution. ::sigh::
Catching up on comments. ;)

TSCC did end on a cliffhanger, technically. Normally a series ending without closure would bother me, but given that the series (both film and TV) relies heavily on playing with timelines, changing history, and creating new possibilities the ending also seemed fitting to me in some ways. And a lot of people feel it ended better than BSG. ;)
Thanks for getting back with me on this. ♥

Mmmm, sounds like it's still worthwhile to check out TSCC on DVDs.

::sigh:: BSG! I'm trying to forget most part of S4.5...
I definitely recommend giving the series a try. If for no other reason than to discover Brian Austin Green is hot and can act! ;-)
Orly? He's much improved since he 90210 days then? ;-)

It'll be fun to see him on the small screen again. Although I've heard so much about Summer Galau (did I spell her name right?) I really want to check her out...
I figured it was a money thing.

Did they not factor in that little movie coming out in a week or so might JUST MAYBE have directed a bit more attention to the show?
What utter asshattery. You'd think, especially with the new Terminator movie coming out this weekend, that there was ample proof that this is a mythology that is worth some bucks.


(and I'm saying nothing about the worthless dreck that is Dollhouse. Nope, not I. Nada.)

Anyone want to see a show cancelled? make sure that I like it!