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Leverage News

'Leverage' coming to DVD on July 14th. The commentaries could potentially be very entertaining.

And Dean Devlin is sharing pictures from the TNT Upfronts:

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There is another photo of the cast, but it's very blurry.

I'll hopefully have some Glee thoughts to share later. If you watched on FOX last night, you saw a butchered version of the pilot which runs about eleven minutes longer. So, if you were confused my any plot points or characterizations it is likely because entire establishing scenes were excised.
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Awwwwww. Look how cute they are!

Also, Glee was last night? Shit. I totally forgot about that.
I just watched Glee and I don't know if 10 minutes could change the fact that the premise of someone ditching a teaching job in this economy makes sense or convince me that the show doesn't hate women.
I agree, Will ditching his teaching job while not having another job lined up made no sense given the current state of the economy and job market. And while I know teachers often don't get paid what they deserve, most are able to support families.

While I feel the wife was horribly written and I can't fathom why Will remains married to her, I didn't get any sort of vibe the show hates women. Could the female characters, overall, been written better? Yes, but I could say the same for the male characters.