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I just finished Season 3 of Stargate, at work. I don't have an Ipod so, instead, I listen to shows while I'm working. I had listened to some Season 1 and Season 2 episodes, but it wasn't until Hulu debuted the third season last week that I managed to make my way through (most of) a season. Yesterday, as I realized I only had a few episodes left and was lamenting that fact, I had a flashback to how I became hooked on the series. Damn you Season 3 with your improved writing, character development, team bonding, mythology and world building!

I was also was reminded how much the last Indiana Jones film ripped off the 'Crystal Skull' episode. And that the Replicators have been around longer than I recalled. And Jack used to look really good in a black tee shirt.

The BSG actors can't resist the pull of SciFi/SyFy it seems. James Callis's craptastic (TV Squad's word! Though, I'll likely agree. ;) SciFi Saturday film Book of Beasts airs tomorrow night. And Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan, and Mark Sheppard will all be appearing at various times on Warehouse 13.

According to After Elton, the upcoming Season 4.5 and Complete Series BSG boxed sets will not include the 'Face of the Enemy' webisodes. WTF NBCU? After Elton could not get a straight answer as to why they are omitted.

A reminder that ABC begins airing the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies beginning tomorrow night at 10:00 est. Having seen the episodes ;), I can confirm that the series does have closure, albeit through a post production, tacked on ending. While I feel another hour of or two would have provided a truly satisfying end to the series, I commend Bryan Fuller for tying up as many loose ends as he could as best he could.
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I was also was reminded how much the last Indiana Jones film ripped off the 'Crystal Skull' episode.

And "Crystal Skull" made more sense, which is saying something. Fail, George Lucas. FAIL.
And Jack used to look really good in a black tee shirt

I challenge that "used too" qualifier.
I have nothing against Richard. I think he's aged pretty darn well. But he doesn't have quite the physique he used to. ::runs::
I'm disappointed in the news about the webisodes. :( I hope that they make up for it with like...extra good deleted scenes or something. *sadface* I imagine it's a liscensing issue in the wake of the writers strike. I know that the pay and liscensing stuff surrounding online content was a major battling ground there, wasn't it? Is it possible that played a part? Also they were produced concurrently with The Plan which I think was produced under like, new contracts and stuff wasn't it? Might the webisodes be released alongside that?

Either way, I have also seen the final Pushing Daisies episodes and agree - they were great. I would have liked more time for an ending but at the same time, it's kind of nice to go out on a classic mystery. And they were all good, solid episodes. *snuffle* I'll miss that show. Shame I only found it after it had been cancelled.
I hadn't thought about how the writers strike and the way new media is being addressed in the new contract might create a problem with including the webisodes on the DVDs. I wasn't a huge fan of the webisodes, but I am a completist and I hate the idea of BSG footage existing and not having it in my possession.

And, yes, maybe they can work out a deal and include the webisodes with The Plan. Considering the film is already using deleted footage and alternate takes, I can't imagine there will be many deleted scenes to include in the DVD release. The webisodes could provide a nice extra, along with Ron's inevitable commentary. ;)
It still wouldn't suprise me if somehow the webisodes ended up on the release after not be listed in the press release