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Yes, once again, it's been awhile since I've posted to LJ. Well, my LJ. I have been posting to jamiebambernews. And there is Twitter. And email. So, I have not been non-communicative. Basically, work frustration + some family drama has meant by the time I get home and start to relax I really don't have the energy to or feel at all motivated to post. But, I have some links I've wanted a share and my Battlestar Galactica love is renewed. It never left, but I've spoken of my frustrations with fandom and the break I took was a really good thing. Having new footage to enjoy also helps. The 4.5 deleted scenes for those that haven't seen them yet. And beccatoria recapped what was cut as well. Because she did such an awesome job, I'm not doing my own recapping this time.

For the first time, I did not watch the deleted scenes and feel extremely disappointed that something wasn't included in the aired version of an episode. The majority of the cuts were minor as compared to entire scenes or subplots that have been eliminated in prior seasons. With a few exceptions, what was cut would not have added anything or changed anything we saw on screen. Many of the deleted scenes were merely longer versions of what we saw, with a few lines trimmed, likely for time.

There are a few scenes I'd like to comment on.

Sometimes A Great Notion

Baltar addresses a group of followers/makes a radio broadcast. There are two aspects of the scene I really appreciate. Baltar genuinely seems shaken by the discovery of earth. Yet, unlike so many who have given up (there were 14 'official' suicides, but he believes the number is higher), he tries to motivate people to go on, "Paradise has to be earned."

What I also like is the foreshadowing. Baltar talks about how it will be tougher (yes, even tougher) before it gets better. Salvation will be paid for with blood, sweat, and tears. He talks of those who gave up and how those who hang on will be deemed worthy to enter the promised land. God will lead them to it. Baltar also mentions how Cylons and humans are the same in God's eyes. Both races must overcome their transgressions and animosities. I feel that if at least part of Baltar's sermon had been kept, then the revelation that God was leading them the entire time to their new home would have been, perhaps, less of a disappointment for fans. Or at least would not have seemed so out of the blue. Though, I will continue to argue, given the numerous references to God throughout the course of the series, the finale wasn't all that surprising.

Unfortunately, there is some weirdness within the scene in the form of Athena and Helo sitting amongst Baltar's flock and apparently being followers. While it explains their need to have Dee babysit, neither has ever been shown to be supportive of Baltar in any way. Nor has Athena and Helo's faith ever been strongly addressed. Perhaps we were meant to believe after discovering earth was not everything they hoped it would be, they sought out religion to provide comfort? But, frakking Gaius Baltar???

The weirdness grows with Caprica. (I think, it's never made clear it's her. It could be another bleach blonde Six in black that wanders in.) People don't want a Cylon present, at which point Athena stands up and declares she's a Cylon, followed by Helo standing, extending his hand, and asking her to sit with them. It just all comes out of nowhere. I wonder if the entire scene was lost when someone in the editing bay (wisely) stated this was all coming out of nowhere and was connected to nothing.

Blood on the Scales

I usually like watching Laura tear into Baltar, but as they argue over how they arrived at their current predictment, Laura ends the discussion with, "Is that clear enough to your brain, or do I have to shine a light up your ass to see it?" And they lost me. It just doesn't sound like Laura to me.


We're finally able to see the food riot that Ron discussed in the podcast. The one that would have helped set up why Adama allowed Baltar's people to become armed. At the time I was pissed because the episode, as aired, in many ways, made little sense. But having seen the footage, now I'm actually glad it was cut. Lamest. Food. Riot. EVER. A little pushing and shoving and the marines with machine guns run off. And two seconds later the Sons of Ares rush over, waving their guns (badly), and take all the food. I may have laughed if this had been shown in the episode.

I do lament the loss of a scene between Lee, Adama, and Laura. The way the scene is filmed or cut) the audience comes in in the middle of the discussion. Tempers are flaring, mostly Lee's as he lays into his father. ::hearts:: Lee wants to allow Centurions on board to help with the ship's security problems. (Yes, Lee Adama is arguing for a Cylon presence on the ship. Who'd have thunk it?) Adama wants to remove marines from other duties to protect Dogsville and the food distribution; Lee snarkly asks what duties they should pull them from, guarding the nukes perhaps? Hee. The entire time, Laura is sitting there, not saying a word. She's totally deferring to Lee on the matter and it's AWESOME.

Lee, Laura, and Adama were originally present during the Final Five reunion. Again, more weirdness as the three stand there watching and Lee doing most of the talking trying to explain they feel there should be government presence monitoring the reunion. None of the three actors seem to have a good handle on the scene, likely because they are being intrusive and it feels a bit odd, and Ellen is subjected to weird dialogue as she says to Lee is response to his remarks about monitoring, "In case we all join hands and shoot magic fireworks out of our asses?"

(Note to beccatoria, the Tigh/Caprica corridor back rub scene was creepy as hell. It was also a moment that made me think ever putting the two together was a huge mistake. Like the Cylon version of Lee/Dee. ;p)

Someone to Watch Over Me

Apparently the best sex Helo has ever had is with Boomer. ::facepalm:: OK, he doesn't use those exact words, but the "That was incredible!" had to be like acid on top of the salt in the wound for Athena.

There's also an edited flashback scene between Lee and Kara in 'Daybreak' that I want to talk about, but I'm saving that for some Lee meta I'm working on. :)


For another spin on Battlestar, How Neanderthals Met a Grisly Fate: Devoured by Humans. I couldn't resist!

NBC Universal has sealed a new licensing deal with Hallmark Cards that includes the use of the company's film and TV content. If you are thinking you'll be receiving Lee Adama birthday cards from me in the future, you're right.

Have you heard about Bing? No, not Crosby, Microsoft's latest attempt to take on Google. I'm not a fan of the main page. Why do they think I want to see pictures taken in Europe? And I find the main/news search results not as good as Google. However, I will give it the edge in image searches. They put all results on one page that you can scroll rather through and zoom in.

BBC America in HD! Comcast doesn't have it listed as coming up on the new channel lineup they just mailed out. Bastards.

Hulu is set for September launch in the UK. ITV will be a content partner. I'm hoping that agreement will eventually extend to the U.S. and we'll get Law & Order: UK.

Via, Writer's Guild Event with 'Trek' writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Some interesting background on what did end up in Star Trek and why Nero's story ended up on the editing room floor.

Now back to my Twitter conversation/mocking of the Tony Award nominees wwith writteninstars and dragonfly0303.
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