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* Bradley Cooper is an idiot. If tonight is any indication of where they may have gone with the character, dumb move buddy. I was amazed at how quickly Will fell into Spy Mode - chasing down leads, adopting a new persona, handling a gun and fighting...I definitely could see Will as a member of the CIA. And he seemed to really enjoy it all. :)

* The Sex. I was spoiled for this and I expected it to be a lot more of an issue than it was. Which I'm happy if a bit perplexed about. I understand why it happened - both drunk and feeling alone, they needed comfort - but he admits he waited eight years for this and her response is to jump up and get right back to work! Guess it wasn't that good. :p

* I adored Sloane tonight. He did us all a favor by having Lindsey killed. I'm still not sure whether he was lying or not about the Rambaldi artifact. Now that Lindsey is dead, it would semm easy enough to verify if he never sent the artifact to be traded.

* On some level I understood Jack's little chat with Vaughn, but I still think he was out of line. Syd's an adult, she can make her own decisions and she admited to Will how many people she has lost in her life. Can Vaughn distancing himself from her be a good thing right now? He loves her, yes, but he's also been a good friend and I've seen him make no effort to make her his "mistress". Just let them work it out for themselves Jack.

* And I thought Syd and Irina had issues? I think Sark and Daddy could use some counseling as well.

* Anyone who thinks Allison is really dead raise your hand. Anybody? That fight was over way too quickly and way too easily. I almost suspect she wanted to appear to die.

* So we now have Rambaldi's genetic material. As to what that means, I'm clueless right now people.

I also saw The Last Samurai this afternoon. Excellent film, I'd highly recommend it. Good performances (Tom Cruise could have settled for getting by on his looks years ago, but, instead, continues to grow as an actor) and the choreography for the fight sequences was amazing. I'd give it a 9 out of 10. I deduct one point because I have some issues with the ending which I'd love to discuss if anyone has seen the film. :)
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