The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

Nearly Pointless Post

I'm sensing something BIG happened in Part 4 of Children of Earth. I'm tempted to click on cut tags, but am trying to remain strong. It's not like I really care, but my curiosity kills most of the time. I had hoped to watch last night, but there was IMing, then Burn Notice (And, for the record, you DO NOT have to go to the state capital to get copies of incorporation documents. They can be FedEx'd to you overnight. Apparently, the writers are too busy coming up with ways to break into a building to do simple fact checking.), and then I fell asleep at 10:00. The late nights this week caught up to me. On the plus side, I can watch Parts 4 and 5 back-to-back tonight.

There was come cute and funny character stuff at the beginning of the episode and the supposedly shocking, but I saw it coming, reveal of Jack being involved in the children being taken in 1965. But, in between all that, I was incredibly bored. Who thought having a long scene involving people negotiating would be interesting? Not to mention, you knew at the very end the 456 would be OMG asking for our children. It seems from what I'm reading outside the cut tags that at least stuff happens in Part 4. Hopefully, it doesn't involve horrible things happening to Rhys or the fetus.
Tags: torchwood

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