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A Monty Python Alum, A Cylon, and an Immortal...

No joke, just links. ;)

In REALLY? news, Dragon Con has announced Terry Gilliam as a guest. Has DC ever had a name director appear at the con before?

Tricia Helfer talks to IGN about appearing on Warehouse 13, The Plan, Human Target and more. The spoilers she drops for 'The Plan' are very minor and one plot point from Season 1 I think many of us will be happy they are addressing. She also shares her thoughts about the BSG finale. We seem to be of like minds.

Maureen Ryan talks with John Barrowman. I'd say minor spoilers if you've steered clear of all news of Children of Earth up until now. Some of John's comments amused me for a variety of reasons.

ETA: Season 1 of Leverage is out on DVD today. Season 2 premieres tomorrow night at 9:00est on TNT. WATCH! I command you!
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Huh. That's odd but rather cool. He does have "Doctor Parnassus" coming out soon, but all the corporate pimping of new projects is usually done at Comic-Con. (Er, must hold back anti-CC snark.) The studio probably isn't sending him because, well, they don't generally give a damn about D*C. But maybe he's just trying to build more geek buzz since the movie's prospects are looking sketchy.

Thanks for the updates link. I hadn't looked at it in months, and I was a bit thrilled to see Scott Adsit on the guest list. Someone from 30 Rock at D*C? Exxxxxxxxcellent.
::waves at both of you::

I suspect Gilliam is coming to both Comic-Con and Dragon*Con because his film HAS NO US DISTRIBUTOR, and he needs the fanbuzz to keep things rolling.
I agree. And I think it's a smart move on his part. I'm just shocked that the film is still lacking a distribution deal with it being Heath's last performance.
I assumed he was coming to build support for "Doctor Parnassus". It certainly can't hurt the movie and I'm surprised more filmmakers haven't thought about coming to DC to push their film. I still haven't seen anything about a screening of the entire film, but since Terry lacks a distribution deal there wouldn't be any studio prohibiting him from doing that. I know the reaction at Cannes was mixed to bad, but considering it's Heath Ledger's last film I find it hard to believe no one wants to distribute it.
What a cool batch of news/linkspam. Really wish I could do DC, but it's not in the budget :(

JB was very amusing, as was that article in general since I'm familiar with both the Britishisms and spoilers that were being cut out, so it was like filling in the blanks as I read. Also glad to see what he said about the Doctor since it feeds into my pet theories about what's to come with both Jack and Ten before Moffat's tenure begins.

I will say, however, that I am not sure I can watch Trisha's episode or anything on the Formerly Known as Sci Fi channel again. Whoever did their new branding has rendered their station dead to me. I still can't believe they actually paid good money for such utter shite.
The one big one was that the author of the article continually put in [season] for "series" which would have been much more natural for JB to talk about. Every time in that article there was a spoiler, vulgarity, or Britism, the author used a safer or better-understood word in parens.
I wish you could come too. :)

I know what you mean about filling in the blanks. It why I was amused at bits of the interview. ;) Even if I wasn't spoiled and even if there wasn't a pattern already established on TW, I would have assumed Jack and the Doctor would meet again before Tennant exits the series.

i watched Warehouse 13 tonight. I felt Tricia was wasted. She had a smaller role than I anticipated and it's probably the least challenging character she's had to play since being a corpse on CSI. :p And the ending was really dumb...but that's a whole other post...that I'm not interested in writing.
Thank you for the link to the JB interview - I do adore that man. (Have you read his book? It's *fabulous*!)
I haven't read a book in, er, best not to get into specifics. ;) And I'm actually not a big JB fan, but I've been curious to read the actors thoughts on CoE. Did you hear he's appearing in a West End production of 'La Cage Aux Folles'? The man has a great voice.
Terry Gilliam... that should be fascinating, judging by what I've seen on the "Making of..." pieces on DVDs he's been involved in.

I remember the first time I consciously remembered Terry Gilliam's name - it was when my English Lit teacher mentioned him being the piano player in the Monty Python credits, and then went on to say that Gilliam is actually also a noted scholar. He'd advocated a new approach to looking at the character of the Knight in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, one which suggested that the description of him as "valorus et bold" may have been somewhat satirical, because of the sheer number of campaigns and crusades the knight had been involved in. It tended to be robber barons and vassals too disruptive to keep at home who ended up doing the most campaigning, to keep them out of their home countries - and give them as much chance as possible to do some looting and pillaging.

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You've seen 'A Knight's Tale', haven't you? Sounds like Terry would be a fan. Which may also explain, in part, Heath's casting in 'Doctor Parnassus'.

I'd be interested in seeing him at DC, but I'm afraid there are just too many people to see this year!
D*C is really racking up the celebs this year! I also saw confirmed somewhere on the D*C comm that Malcom McDowell is also coming (it's not added to the website yet; apparently it lags behind.)

Thanks for the link to the article with Tricia Helfer. I wish *she* would come to D*C!
I saw Tricia at my first DC. She is awesome. And prettier in person. The bitch. ;p

Hmmm, I wonder what track Malcom will be a part of? He likes talking about how he killed Kirk, so maybe Trek? :)