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A Monty Python Alum, A Cylon, and an Immortal...

No joke, just links. ;)

In REALLY? news, Dragon Con has announced Terry Gilliam as a guest. Has DC ever had a name director appear at the con before?

Tricia Helfer talks to IGN about appearing on Warehouse 13, The Plan, Human Target and more. The spoilers she drops for 'The Plan' are very minor and one plot point from Season 1 I think many of us will be happy they are addressing. She also shares her thoughts about the BSG finale. We seem to be of like minds.

Maureen Ryan talks with John Barrowman. I'd say minor spoilers if you've steered clear of all news of Children of Earth up until now. Some of John's comments amused me for a variety of reasons.

ETA: Season 1 of Leverage is out on DVD today. Season 2 premieres tomorrow night at 9:00est on TNT. WATCH! I command you!
Tags: bsg, dragon con 2008, torchwood
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