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Jamie Bamber has been Jossed!

Remember how I said the only thing that could get me to tune back in to Dollhouse would be a guest appearance by Jamie Bamber? Guess what? Jamie Bamber will be guest starring in the season premiere of Dollhouse. I just got the confirmation from Jamie's publicist who just got off the phone with Jamie. Damn, you Joss! :p Though I am thrilled that Jamie will be getting some U.S. TV exposure.
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Damn! That was a fast turn-around confirmation. It pays to know someone in "high" places. ;)

Whoopy! Guess I'll be tune in too. Do you know when the episode is going to air?
The only thing that would have made the confirmation awesomer would be had Jamie called me himself. ;)

Falcy tweeted me that the premiere is September 25th.
Seriously, Jamie is the ONLY thing that could get me to watch again. It's like Joss knew! It will be interesting to see if there is a ratings decline after the premiere. ;)
What if Not Jamie Bamber, but your entire F-list made a guest appearance. Would you watch then?
Damn! Now i have to watch it and i don't like that show all. :(
Join the club! Maybe I should get a tee shirt made for Dragon Con: "I'm only watching 'Dollhouse' for Jamie Bamber!" ;p
You and me both. First I'm told it's just a rumor, then Jamie called (not me!) and stated otherwise. It's been a busy afternoon.
Like I'm not trying! ;) But it looks like Law & Order: UK begins filming in September. :/
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *collapses laughing* The universe is fucking with me! I just quit that show! (Though clearly I too will now be tuning back in. *headdesk*)
I'm having a Brokeback Mountain moment. We just don't know how to quit him. Maybe we're being tested by a higher power? Yes, we love him THIS DAMN MUCH to endure another episode of Dollhouse.
Though I am thrilled that Jamie will be getting some U.S. TV exposure.

I do love the idea that four years of BSG isn't US TV exposure :P

Hmmm, I really want to stand my ground and not watch it, though.
You know what I mean! :p

I'm happy he has L&O:UK, but more exposure in the U.S. means more work in the U.S. means more money for him. I'm being practical! And selfish because it's easier for me to keep tabs on him here. ;)

I can let the ground underneath my feet be shaky in this case since I did tell people that a guest appearance by Jamie would be the one thing to get me to tune in again.
I just came on to LJ to tell you this. I see you are WAAAAY ahead of me. ;)
I had some luck on my side. The best part though is I knew before a certain person at Entertainment Weekly. Woo!
Joss is nothing if not shrewd. He knows Jamie's popularity. Looks like I'll be watching the premiere ;)
I encourage everyone to watch the premiere! Then tune out for the second episode. They'll HAVE to ask him back. ;)
Oh dear, does this mean I actually have to watch Dollhouse S1?? Hoo boy.

(thanks for the update and confirmation!)
Hee! Joss Whedon is desperately trying to capture the asta77 demographic.

This should be interesting. I'm very meh about Dollhouse, but I'm feeling optimistic about it lately. Can't wait to see what he does on it.
I had no idea Joss cared so much about me. I guess I should be flattered. ;)

I tried seeing what so many others saw in Dollhouse but failed to after several attempts. And I liked all of Joss's other series. Though I was never a Faith fan and still will argue Eliza cannot carry a show. Joss just HAD to go and cast my bullet proof guest star.
Jamie Bamber guest starring is awesome news! I watched the entire 1st first season of Dollhouse (I was suffering from BSG withdrawals!!!), and noticed a direct correlation with the quality of the epidsode vs. Tahmoh screen time & Eliza Dushku screen time. The less they showed of Eliza & the more they featured Tahmoh, the better the episode. I know Eliza's a producer of the show, but maybe the Tahmoh factor is something Joss should take notice of?
Hee. WORD. I've never felt Eliza was a talented actress, so less of her and more of Tahmoh I can totally support. I do wonder if I'm going to get beyond seeing Lee and Helo during the episode.
Yaaaaay! And what a scoop! I guess this puts me in the "I don't wtch but will now" camp too.

Hey, I have an idea. Start joking about Jamie appearing in other series, STAT!