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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Welcome to the first of a series of spammy posts on Dragon Con. Yes, planning has begun. I've had the hotel reserved since October and have reconfirmed the reservation and added everyone who needed to be added to said reservation. Last night I booked my flights. Direct flights both ways! (Woo!) And I got one of the last two coach seats on both flights! (Phew!) The only negative is my flight on Monday doesn't leave until 8:00, but it actually gets in sooner than if I had taken an earlier flight with a layover. My roomies flights are two to three hours earlier and my plan is to goo with them to the airport so I can spend as much time as possible with them. If anyone else will be hanging around late at the airport, let me know.

Schedules are beginning to be posted. ::rubs hands together:: And even though I know these schedules will change (and the Stargate track doesn't have anything up yet), of course, I've started to plan where I'll be.


10:00am BSG - An Unlikely Partnership: Atrium(This looks just to be Eddie and Mary, poor Mary.)
1:00pm Terry Gilliam: (I'm not particularly interested in seeing him, but others might be.)
1:00pm Buffy & Angel: Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter, Felicia Day, James Marsters and Kristy Swanson: Centennial II & III (God help me, I am considering going to a panel with James on it.)
2:30pm An Hour with Ron Glass: Centennial II & III (II & III, Really?)
5:30pm BSG - Launch Tubes Active!: Atrium (Everyone but Eddie? I'm There!)
7:00pm - 11:30pm Dr Horrible Sing A Long/Buffy Horror Picture Show: Sheraton Grand Ballroom


11:30am BSG - Journey's End: Atrium
11:30am An Hour with Ron Glass; Centennial I
2:30pm Farscape - Ten Arns and Counting: Centennial II and III
2:20pm Terry Gilliam: Sheraton Capital Ballroom
2:30pm Trek Trak Show with Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew: Atrium
4:00pm Leonard Nimoy: Atrium
5:30pm Buffy & Angel: Benz, Carpenter, Marsters, and Swanson (Anyone else think Kristy should be on a separate panel?)
10:00pm BSG Party: Sheraton Grand Ballroom


11:30 Farscape - Back Down the Wormhole: Regency VI-VIII (The Regency? Maybe Ben and Claudia are on a SG1 Panel this day.)
1:00pm Patrick Stewart: No room assigned yet
2:30pm Buffy & Angel: Benz, Carpenter, Marsters, and Swanson: Atrium
5:30pm BSG - Galactica Decommissioned at Last: Atrium


10:00am Farscape - Fugitive Heroes: Centennial II & III
11:30am BSG - Into the Bright Beyond: Atrium (Bright Beyond? Er, Okay.)
11:30am Star Trek Guest Stars: Louise Fletcher,Bonita Friedericy, Richard Herd, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Ruck, Dwight Schultz, and Kate Vernon: Sheraton Grand Ballroom (This looks like it could be a fun panel.)

Random Stuff....

Stargate people, get cracking on that schedule!

Michael Shanks and, by extension, Lexa Doig have cancelled.

Leonard Nimoy is doing a second panel as part of the Main Trak, but, alas, no schedule.

Dirk Benedict is appearing as part of the American SciFi Classics Track which means we'll be spared having to see him with the current cast. I bet he and Hatch are doing a panel together though. The track doesn't have a schedule up yet.

I like that the Trek Trak is choosing to do a lot of solo talks with their guests (or maybe the guests mandated it).

Gareth David Lloyd will be a guest, but he has not been assigned to any panels yet. If I wasn't so busy with other fandoms, I wouldn't mind seeing one of his Q&A's. It should be entertaining. ;)

Is there an X Track this year? Do they have any guests?

There's an aquarium night September 5th. Is this new? If anyone is interested, it's selling out fast.
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Awww, I think it's really telling how misty and nostalgic my recent vidding escapades have made me; I find myself looking at all the Farscape panels and getting jealous of you! ;)
As well you should be! ;) I wish you could be there. I try and console myself with there is a good chance I will actually be meeting you sooner rather than later. :)
I hate tracks that don't post until right before the con. I need to plan! What about my needs???

I seem to recall your issues with the lady who ran the track last year. ;) I have zero interest in seeing JM as well. The bar experience was bad enough. But, yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the others on the panel at least once. We can cling to each other.
HA! I am making you all go to a Buffy panel with me this year, so you can share in any embarrassment. Heee. Not that the Stargate panels don't usually have their own embarrassing stories. But yeah, WTF with Kristy Swanson on that panel? How awkward is that going to be?

The only X Track guest I've seen listed is Dean Haglund. I think the Ghost Hunters are usually on the X Track, right? I'm not sure if any of them are coming though.
Stargate has been taken over by another group this year. There may be no My Little Ponies!!! :D

When I saw Kristy's name listed as a guest I never thought they'd put her on a panel with the rest of them. She has a totally different experience than the rest of them. And you just know someone is going to ask her about SMG taking over the role and doing so much more better with it than her.

I missed Dean's name as a guest. Maybe I should assume he's a mainstay like Richard Hatch. ;p