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The Longest Hour of My Life

I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but Twitter and LJ were both down for over an hour this morning. I almost had a panic attack! Yes, I believe I do need help. Twitter is still down. Their servers seem to be run by the hamsters forced out of service by LJ due to age and/or hip replacement.

I did find a handy site during the crisis, Down or Not, which will let you know if a given site is down.

::clings to you all::

ETA: While posting this I found the connection to LJ is still rather dodgy. :/
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Poor boo. I think I have some leftover duct tape from BBB chat if you want to attach yourself.
They've just put up a news post saying there's a DDOS attack ongoing/just happened on LJ, which is why it's been down. This is why it should be possible to make people's heads explode over the internet...

I was at work and missed all the drama but I totally empathise and would have been going crazy with worry it was JUST MY COMPUTER too. :(
I have to admit, I gave a little evil chuckle at the thought of the other Blogging class, who are supposed to be fiddling around with Facebook and Twitter today, being all grar!-ranty at the DOS attacks.

*is a very bad person*

In other news, this morning I met Microsoft Publisher and kicked its ass. \o/