Heee, I read this right before I went to bed last night and dreamed about D*C all night. I dreamed my parents showed up at the hotel and took my car so I couldn't go home, I dreamed you and I had to climb up a long rope ladder in order to get...somewhere. I don't know where we were going, just that someone dressed as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland was holding the ladder for us.

Anyway, William Shatner. Huh. I'm nowhere close to being an old school Trekkie, but I'd love to see he and Nimoy together on stage.
I'm not what I would consider a Trekkie and am more of a Next Gen fan, but they are such Trek/sci-fi icons! And together in the same place!

And you're reminding me that we'll need to touch base before the con. danceswithwords mentioned doing a group email about dinner one night. We're thinking the same place we go every year. It's become tradition! :)