10:00 a.m. Friday! Okay, you're my resident expert on this: what time are they going to open the registration line for badges Friday morning?
8:00am! :)

danceswithwords and I are registering on Thursday (hopefully). We can hold a place in line for you Friday morning. Let's start the con off right! :)
Awesome!:) It shouldn't be any problem for me to be there around 8:00, so maybe the line won't be too treacherous yet. Having that be the first panel actually sounds great; it should be at least slightly less crowded than it would be on Saturday, which is when I was thinking a Shatner/Nimoy panel would be.
Nimoy has solo panels on Saturday and Sunday. I don't get why Shatner is only doing one panel. I guess he wants to make more money in the Walk of Fame?

And registration is at the Sheraton this year. I think I mentioned that in a previous post. Supposedly the bigger room will speed up the registration process. We'll see.
I guess he wants to make more money in the Walk of Fame?

Weird. Of almost anyone there, except Patrick Stewart of course, I would think Shatner would need autograph money the least. He's been working steadily for years.

Until I was looking through the schedule a few minutes ago, I had somehow completely missed the fact that Michael Biehn is going to be there.

Also, thanks for reminding me about the Sheraton! I had forgotten about that.