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Dragon Con 2009 Schedule Version 2.0

American SciFi Media tweeted after DC posted the full schedule, "Please keep in mind that the Panelists are not accurate they had to be put in early. I'll be sending out the rest of the schedules today."

How early? Other tracks have been updating their schedules frequently and DC's schedule seems to match those found individually on the various track sites. ASFM's guest list has been inaccurate for months and their last schedule updated was bare bones. Unless Ben and Claudia defect from the Farscape panels to Stargate panels, I'll assume MY schedule is pretty much set.

I have no plans to attend any X-Files or Torchwood panels, but as I was perusing the tracks I thought there might be someone reading this who would be interested. And I threw in the Michael Biehn panel for you, molly_may. ;)

Bolded you'll most likely find me there if you are looking for me; italics you might find there.


10:00am Shatner and Nimoy: Centennial I-III, broadcast in Atrium
10:00am BSG - An Unlikely Partnership - EJO and Mary: Sheraton Grand Ballroom A-F
11:30am Torchwood - James Marsters and Gareth David Lloyd: Sheraton Grand Ballroom A-F
11:30am Stargate: Atlantis: Paul McGillion and Joe Flanigan: Atrium
1:00pm Farscape – Virginia Hey and Lani Tupu
1:00pm Terry Gilliam/The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: Atrium (2 ½ hours)
1:00pm Buffy & Angel: Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter, Felicia Day and Kristy Swanson: Centennial II & III
2:30pm An Hour with Ron Glass: Centennial II & III

4:00pm Stargate: SG-1: Gary Jones, Ben Browder and Colin Cunningham
5:30pm BSG - Launch Tubes Active! – K Grazier, K Vernon, K McClure, A Juliani, M Trucco, and L Carro: Atrium

5:30 X-Files Retrospective – D Haglund, S Larken, and R W Goodwin; M106-M107 (Marriott)
7:00pm - 11:30pm Dr Horrible Sing A Long/Buffy Horror Picture Show: Sheraton Grand Ballroom


11:30am BSG - Journey's End – Vernon, Olmos, McDonnell, Juliani, Trucco, and Carro: Atrium
11:30am An Hour with Ron Glass; Centennial I
11:30am Torchwood – Lloyd: Grand Ballroom A-F
1:00pm Trek Trak Show with Patrick Stewart: Atrium
1:00pm An Hour with Michael Biehn: A601-A602 (Marriott)
4:00pm Stargate Panel: Jones, McGillion, Luttrell, Mamoa, Flanigan, and Cunningham: Centennial II and III
5:30pm Farscape - Ten Arns and Counting – B Browder, C Black, V Hey, and L Tupu: Centennial II and III
5:30pm Buffy & Angel: Benz, Carpenter, Marsters, and Swanson: Atrium
7:00pm Improve with Dean Haglund: Hanover C-E (Hyatt)
10:00pm BSG Party: Sheraton Grand Ballroom


10:00am Beyond Spock – L Nimoy: Atrium
10:00am Smallville – Marsters, Juliani, H Slater, and J Schneider: Centennial II – III
10:00am Torchwood – Lloyd: Grand Ballroom A-F
11:30 Farscape - Back Down the Wormhole – Hey and Tupu: Centennial I
1:00pm Patrick Stewart: Atrium
2:30pm Buffy & Angel: Benz, Carpenter, and Swanson: Atrium
2:30pm Stargate: Luttrell, Black, Mamoa, Browder, and Flannigan: Centennial II and III
2:30pm Dean Haglund; M106-M107 (Marriott)
4:00pm Life in the Dollhouse – Felicia Day: A601-A602 (Marriott)
5:30pm BSG - Galactica Decommissioned at Last – Hatch, Olmos, McDonnell, McClure, Trucco, Vernon, and Carro: Atrium


10:00am Farscape - Fugitive Heroes- Browder, Black, Tupu and Hey: Centennial II & III
10:00am Stargate: Jones, McGillion, Luttrell and Mamoa: Atrium
10:00am Working with Ron – Glass and Swanson: Crystal Ballroom (Hilton)
11:30am BSG - Into the Bright Beyond – Hatch, Grazier, Olmos, McClure, Trucco and Carro: Atrium
11:30am Star Trek Guest Stars: Louise Fletcher, Bonita Friedericy, Richard Herd, Alan Ruck, Dwight Schultz, Malcolm McDowell, Thomas Dekker and Kate Vernon: Sheraton Grand Ballroom

Oddly, William Shatner is only doing a panel on Friday. Mary McDonnell is only scheduled for Friday through Sunday and Claudia Black Saturday through Monday. Ben Browder looks to be around all weekend and he's the only guest I really want to make sure I get an autograph from. Of course, that probably means I have to jump through Julie Caitlin Brown's hoops. :/

Because I can't pass up the opportunity to mock, check out James Marsters site for details on his private party/concert. You need to scroll about half way down the page. I love the half hour window of opportunity to secure your "reservation". And I wonder how much of this "cash only" event is being reported to the IRS?
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