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Sometime I Amaze Even Myself

This is pretty much a pointless post, but I must share my excitement. As I type I am watching the words appear on my TV. EEEEEEE!!!!! A year after buying the TV, after months of trying to figure out what cable I needed in order to connect my laptops to the TV, after spending half an hour trying to figure out why the TV said "no signal", then how to switch displays - I HAVE SUCCESS! Actually, I'm finding I'm not really keen on using my 40" TV as a monitor, but that was never my intention. No, I wanted to be able to do what everyone else seemed to be able to do and watch avi files on the big screen. And now I can! I can have Jamie back on my TV!

So, um, yeah, I'm sure some of your are sitting there thinking, "This she gets excited over? But it's so simple!" You have no idea how dumb I can be when it comes to computers!

Now I shall go collapse. I had a whopping three hours of sleep last night. My mind is starting to race with all the stuff I want to get done before heading to Atlanta next week. WHY do I always wait to the last minute on certain things? For someone who has had a hotel room for eleven months, you wouldn't think I'd be such a procrastinator. :/

ETA: Ok, have my LJ layout colors always looked wonky? I'm hoping it's just the conversion from non-HD computer to HD TV. The layout looks fine on the three computers I use.

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