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Sometime I Amaze Even Myself

This is pretty much a pointless post, but I must share my excitement. As I type I am watching the words appear on my TV. EEEEEEE!!!!! A year after buying the TV, after months of trying to figure out what cable I needed in order to connect my laptops to the TV, after spending half an hour trying to figure out why the TV said "no signal", then how to switch displays - I HAVE SUCCESS! Actually, I'm finding I'm not really keen on using my 40" TV as a monitor, but that was never my intention. No, I wanted to be able to do what everyone else seemed to be able to do and watch avi files on the big screen. And now I can! I can have Jamie back on my TV!

So, um, yeah, I'm sure some of your are sitting there thinking, "This she gets excited over? But it's so simple!" You have no idea how dumb I can be when it comes to computers!

Now I shall go collapse. I had a whopping three hours of sleep last night. My mind is starting to race with all the stuff I want to get done before heading to Atlanta next week. WHY do I always wait to the last minute on certain things? For someone who has had a hotel room for eleven months, you wouldn't think I'd be such a procrastinator. :/

ETA: Ok, have my LJ layout colors always looked wonky? I'm hoping it's just the conversion from non-HD computer to HD TV. The layout looks fine on the three computers I use.
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Dude, I have NOOO IDEA how I'd go about doing that, and I would totally be excited to work it out!

(Of course our TV is so old it probably wouldn't let me do it if I tried; it has one of those oldfashions scart thingies that means we need a converter to use new(ish) games consoles - AND I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THAT).

So, um, consider me impressed and similarly technologically deficient! ;)

Also, HAVE A FABULOUS TIME AT D*CON! I'm so jealous! :D
Yes, you would need a new TV. There was no such hook up on my old one. When you upgrade you have something to look forward too! :)

I know how much you hate The Doctor, but I wish he could swing by with the Tardis and bring you to DC.
Winner is you! Conquering the Beast Technology is always so rewarding. *g*

(Dude, SDW tells me that Michael Biehn is going to D*C now? TELL HIM I SAID HI. Heee.)
Hee! Frankly, after seeing him in a promo for this weeks 'Dark Blue', I'm not sure I'd recognize him unless he's sitting under a sign with his name. :O
Define wonky - they look like a nice green and grey to me on my MacBook (which renders colors very nicely). I personally have trouble reading the reddish text on the grey in the left sidebar - but I am middle-aged and my eyes aren't what they were and so I can't do colors that aren't as contrast-y anymore. But it looks fine to me regardless of my weirdness.
I'll note the red text on gray is an issue when I do the next layout revamp. The only problem I have is white or yellow text on a black background. The text begins strobing if I stare at it for more than a few minutes.

Your description of the colors is about right. When I switched back to the laptop screen from the TV screen I noticed the TV screen looked brownish rather than it's usual black. So I'm thinking it is just a matter of something getting lost in translation between the computer and TV.
I'm not sure the red on grey is an issue for most people, and style=mine is always available.

That's annoying about the colors; I bet somebody who knew what they were talking about could make it better (I am unfortunately not that person; a/v cables confound me). You'll want Jamie to look as pretty as possible!
I am happy that you are happy about your technological achievement. (That is why I have me a hubby- to do the technical stuff.)

I know that you are crazy insane busy right now, but we were thinking maybe a gathering at Barnes & Noble this Sat AM? Maybe around 11ish? Or after lunch if that is better for you. Let me know (offline works fine.)
Oh, let's entertain everyone with our RL planning. ;p

I was thinking I'd have to work this weekend, but this week has been strangely quite and I'm pretty much caught up so I'm thinking a get together is doable. And I have to make a trip to Target, which is near B&N, so the location works out nicely. 11:00is should be fine. Just confirm with me tomorrow night. :)
Ok- so time confirmed at 11AMish. Next question- which location? I was thinking 28 th St, but we can do the mall if people prefer.
Yay! Congratulations! I watched avi files for a while from first my laptop and then the desktop, and I totally get what a hassle that can be and how weird it can seem. I've had different things I needed to do for both machines for no reason I could figure out, and sometimes A prompted B and sometimes A prompted C... Anyway, go you for figuring it out!
I'm still dinking around with screen resolution issues, but that's a rather minor annoyance that will be rectified eventually. I just can't believe I can watch L&O:UK, for example ;), on the TV now. And HULU! I haven't tried that yet, but it should work. :)
I can understand being excited at this sort of thing - I was over the moon when I managed to achieve the same thing with my new PC. The amount of tv I've managed to catch up on since I've been able to watch .avi files on the tv and work on the PC at the same time.
Heh. I hadn't even thought about the multitasking possibilities yet! Then again, I have two laptops so it's not a big issue. ;)