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Battlestar Galactica Deleted Scenes

New deleted scenes from Battlestar Galactica are making there way to the interwebs. I'm assuming these are all from the BSG BluRay box set - if I'm wrong, please correct me. On the set is a quiz and if you answer all the questions correctly you unlock a series of deleted scenes. I've read there are a total of seven clips. The first deleted scene I came across is from The Passage and involves Laura Roslin addressing the fleet inter-cut with shots of Sharon and Helo, Adama, and Kat among others. The scene was long, over four minutes. Unfortunately, the poster has now locked their post and I haven't located an alternate source for it.

kellychameleon3 has posted a transcript (transcribed by ds888) for an extended cut of the scene between Lee and Kara in 'Taking a Break from All Your Worries'. I'm rather glad we only saw what we saw. The extended cut leaves me even more confused as to what is going on with Lee and Kara and a remark about Sam doesn't really gel with what happens in Season 4.

Thanks to various people I was pointed in the direction of the rest of the scenes.

Lee and Kara in 'Maelstrom'

The scene makes me even more sympathetic to what Kara is going through and shows Lee struggling with figuring out what is going on with Kara and how to deal with it, but it doesn't really tell us anything we already didn't know or add to the plot of the episode.

The Pilots Discuss Lee Being Removed from Duty in 'The Son Also Rises'

It's interesting to learn Kelly had a direct role in getting Lee removed from his position as CAG and to hear Skulls (?!) defend Lee's absentmindedness in the wake of losing Kara. And I always approve of more Narcho. ;) But while the scene demonstrated the pilots had legitimate fears of a mourning and distracted CAG having their lives in his hands, again, it doesn't add anything to the episode.

Lee and Dee in 'The Son Also Rises'

This is the one scene I really wish had not been cut. Lee is using Baltar's trial as a reason to keep him away from home. Dee keeps her back to Lee, but we, the audience, see her profound sadness. She knows that even though Kara is gone, she still has lost her husband to her. Lee sneaking the picture from the book serves to reinforce her belief. Dee's walking out on Lee makes A LOT more sense in light of this scene. I'm sure the trial played some part in her decision, but it was this, knowing Lee wasn't really there with her and finding reasons to be away that led her to leave him.

Lee and Adama in 'Six of One'

This was a scene Ron described in the podcast. And it's not as bad as thought it would be given his description! I still wish Adama was more supportive, but he's not coming off as an asshole which, given Ron's setup, I thought he would. I do love Lee's little eye roll. :) Lee's, "I wanna see Kara again", strikes me as a bit odd, as if he's never going to see her again when he's only going to another ship. However, Adama's, "So do I", is an interesting remark. He seemed to have serious doubts as to who or what was in the brig.

Lee Addressing the Quorum in 'Guess What's Coming to Dinner'

I love this scene. Lee defending Laura and supporting her mission. Reminding the Quorum how much she's sacrificed for them. And asking them to wonder how much longer she might have lived had she put herself first and declined to serve as president all those years before. Would they have made the same choice she did? I also adore Lee's line about giving her the benefit of their doubt. While the scene adds, imho, to the Lee/Laura relationship, I have to be honest and say it really wouldn't have added anything to the overall plot. But I'm thrilled I got to see it. :)

In other news, the 2009 Dragon Con is testing me. Now the Shatner/Nimoy panel has been moved to the Centennial I-III with the Q&A being broadcast to the Atrium. Which a) means they know this is going to be the biggest line EVER and b) I have to decide whether to get in line for the panel or the overflow. O_o Or just say screw it and watch it on TV. Tough I really would like to say I was there and nit sitting in my room. Sigh.
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