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2009 Programming Changes » Daily Dragon

Edward James Olmos is out and Michael Hogan is in. Still no word on what this means for the 10am panel on Friday. Mary certainly could do a solo panel, but perhaps she'll be added to the afternoon panel.

ETA: Just saw a comment on another post that states the DC Director of Programming has said Mary still plans to do the Friday panel.
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Yep, Mary is doing a solo panel which should be awesome.

Should I ask about Lee/Laura? :)
That makes that Friday panel sound much more entertaining to me; any chance they'll pair Hogan up with Mary?
I hear there is a chance. I'm surprised they aren't scheduling an Hour with the Tighs instead.
They were going to do an Hour with the Tighs, but RDM decided that Michael Hogan should turn into an aardvark and recite Proust while grating lemons instead. It's art, apparently...
Sounds like a big improvement to me :) I really like Michael Hogan.
I cried, drooled, and eventually threw myself at a wall of wet paint. But isn't that a typical response to such trauma? ;p