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This May Not Be The DragonCon Post You Are Looking For

Yeah, I'm already behind on posting highlights from the con. Thus far, I've managed to avoid full blown illness, but I do feel exhausted so I'm trying to rest as much as possible. I have no plans this weekend so, hopefully, I can catch up on a lot of stuff. Including laundry.

But, I did want to make a public service announcement. Rooms are available for DragonCon 2010! At least if you want to stay at the Hyatt, Hilton, or Sheraton. The Marriott will not open reservations until October 1. This has been confirmed by DC and quite a few people who asked as they were checking out of the Marriott. I just reserved as a room at the Hyatt as a Plan B using this link. No code is necessary since it's a site set up specifically for DC reservations. If you click on the link for a four night stay, you may get a message stating no rooms are available. If you go back and click on the link for a three night stay, you can put in the dates you want and it will let you reserve a room, though the cost is a few dollars more per night. I don't get it either.

The Hilton's site is here and the code you'll need is DGC. The Hilton will charge you for one night's stay immediately. This is the main reason I made the Hyatt my Plan B.

I didn't look at the Sheraton's site. I'm lazy and don't want to walking two blocks to panels.

Most of the above I gathered from dragonconrooms which is a great source for information. Also, the Daily Dragon on Twitter first alerted me to rooms being made available for next years convention.
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