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Not Quite So Full of Glee

I don't think I've discussed Glee at all, but we're up to episode four and I seem to have a different take on the than many viewers. I haven't found 'Somebody to Love' ;) yet on the show, which may be why I can't seem to work up the same enthusiasm as others. But there is also the writing which I find problematic.

I loved the pilot for Glee. The second episode I found disappointing after the high expectations set by the pilot. Last week's episode I almost turned off because I found the writing, particularly the characterization, a mess and the story boring. This week's episode, 'Preggers' was a big improvement over last week's episode, but I'm still having issues.

The Good

Kurt's storyline suddenly made sense to me. I was frustrated when I thought we were to believe, after Kurt coming out to Mercedes last week, that Kurt was, inexplicably, still in the closet. That people didn't know he was gay. You just can't be that much of a cliche and not have people know you are gay. But, thankfully, we find out it was just Kurt convincing himself that no one knew the truth when, in fact, everyone knew.

I loved Kurt's conversation with his father and his father telling him he's known since he was three. And the moment I most appreciated was when his dad told him that he may not be in love with the idea, but Kurt is who he is and he can't change him.

The Not So Good

The characters are still woefully underdeveloped. They either are one dimensional, cliches, or, most frustratingly, unbelievably stupid. I was shocked when Finn believed he impregnated Quinn, in the hot tub, with their suits on, and with no, um, intimate contact. Or maybe I shouldn't be shocked when he reveals he just discovered you can check books out of a library! SERIOUSLY?

But Finn's just the shining example of an overall problem. Ryan Murphy et al have gone to such extremes with the characters in order to mine humor that the characters are not believable. Will is not much better in the brains department, accepting a store bought belly as his unborn child.

And I'm not sure what they are doing with Rachel. I thought she was supposed to be one of the characters we are meant to identify with, but who want's to identify with such a spoiled, selfish, stuck-up prima donna? She really believes she's entitled to be THE star, but it's a glee club, a team, and she'd rather they all fail then be part of their success.

Oh, and I'm apparently the only one who was bothered by this, but breaking out into dance on the field? It's a fifteen yard penalty! If not a loss of the down! Where were the referees???

The Ugly

I'm rarely a fan of pregnancy storylines on series. Occasionally, pregnancies have to be written in to a series due to an actress's actual pregnancy, and the plot can be handled well (see Phoebe's pregnancy on Friends). Or pregnancy storylines can be done for creative reasons and still work (see Tami's pregnancy on Friday Night Lights). Terri's pregnancy has angered me on several levels and Ive been trying to find ways to deal with it. But now they've made Quinn pregnant as well...with Puck's baby...with Terri trying to acquire it from her. I've seen less convoluted plot lines on soap operas. And I'm also feeling as it the women on this show are shown to be self-serving manipulators while the men are played as sympathetic schmucks.

Because I do enjoy parts of the show, I'm not willing to quit it, yet. But it's definitely being DVR'd from here on out. That way I can fast forward over any scene involving discussion of pregnancy. :p
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I love Glee. Love, Love, Love it with a capital L. Maybe you're expecting too much? It should just make you feel happy watching; I'm sad that it doesn't.

I, personally, don't think anyone's a true cliche. They're all really real with actual personality flaws and opportunity for growth. We supposed to identify with parts of them -- but probably not all of them.

Quinn is supposed to be this mean girl bitch who only cares about making people feel bad and being a cheerleader...but we find out she wants to be successful so she can get out of the rinky dink town she's in. She stood up to her coach 'cause she kind of realized that belittling people doesn't make you better it makes you sadder.

Will was initially painted as Mr. Perfect teacher who cares about his students but we find out he's pretty much as selfish as anyone else -- looking out for his own successes and being just as spiteful as the kids. But sure, he does care -- look at how he cared for Finn.

Puck is the bully (fucking hot, gorgeous, sexy, omg yum!) asshole -- but we realize, hey - he had a deadbeat dad and he's willing to step up and not be the coward.

I HATED Terri in the pilot and kind of loathed her in the 2nd episode, but now I'm starting to feel a little bit sad for her. We find out she really does love Will...really. She feels him slipping away and actually BELIEVED she was pregnant and now feels she's trapped in a no-win situation and desperately doesn't want to lose him.

I could go on, but I need to finish the ad I'm working on...
The point is, there are layers. They're slowing stripping away pieces to reveal more. And even if they weren't or aren't or you don't see it...can't you just enjoy it on a totally superficial level? There are soooo many great many gems of dialogue! And music! And singing and dancing! It's just so delicious!

Let's do this again soon. :)

-- Me
Plenty of shows make me happy just watching them, but, at this point, Glee is not one of them. There are certainly gleeful moments, I enjoyed just about every scene Kurt was in, but the parts don't make up for a wholly satisfying show for me.

I still have a hard time feeling any sympathy or admiration for Puck. OK, he won't abandon his child yet, if he really did get Quinn drunk to sleep with her he's no better than a date rapist.

And I don't see Terri loving Will at all. I'm still trying to figure out why the hell he married her since she treats him like a doormat and makes everything ALL ABOUT HER. And if she truly loved him, she would tell him the truth. Instead, she's building lie on top of lie because she's terrified if he leaves her she'll, OMG!, have to take care and support herself.

can't you just enjoy it on a totally superficial level?

I enjoy plenty of shows on a superficial level (Leverage, Bones, Burn Notice), but I have to care about the characters and, so far, I don't care about any of these people (and usually some character has me hooked by the third episode).
I thought we agreed to never mention her again!

I'm guessing she didn't move fast enough to duck the bucket of water.