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Yeah, I've Got Nothing for a Subject Line

Wow. I haven't posted since September 26th. My life is so boring! The cold, hard truth is it's a new season of TV and I have nothing I'm fannish about. It's a first for me. I've always had one show that I could go on and on and on about. You know me. There are shows I enjoy (Castle, Modern Family, Bones, The Office, Community). Shows that I feel have moments of brilliance and the potential to be great when I'm not thinking "Die, Terri, Die!" (Glee). Shows that I Hulu at work (Fringe) because I don't care that much about them. I have some thoughts about House, but I'm not nearly as invested in the show as I used to be. Hugh Laurie is still awesome and there are moments that remind me of why I once loved the show, but I feel as if I can walk away and not look back at any time.

How could they have cast Darth Vader James Earl Jones and not have him share a single scene with Hugh Laurie? They chose this episode to have House finally listen to Cuddy's orders and stay away from patients? That just seemed like a huge wasted opportunity.

I don't know how I feel about Luke turning to the dark side Chase murdering a patient. He can rationalize he saved thousands of lives, but he also screwed over his friends, family, and the hospital by his actions.

And I didn't realize until the episode was over that Taub was no where to be seen or even mentioned. And I didn't miss him. I also didn't miss Thirteen when she wasn't around.

I gave Stargate: Universe a shot. It didn't fill me with rage as I feared, but it's just not any good. In the first fifteen minutes they ripped off the opening Alien and a plot point from The Last Starfighter. Let me repeat that last bit. They stole from The Last Starfighter. But the worst part may be that none of the characters are likable. (Or hot. How can a 'Stargate' series have no hot guys?) And when SyFy told the producers they wanted a darker show like BSG, they apparently took that to mean literally turning down the lights.

I recently rewatched Season 1 of Leverage, with the episodes in the order they were intended to air, which allowed me to develop an even deeper appreciation of the the show and I feel as if I've gone from really liking it to loving it. I even began listening to the episode commentaries, which I rarely do, and found myself jotting down notes. I think it's become a compulsion after years of BSG podcasts. Before I try and break myself of the habit, would anyone be interested in highlights from the commentaries?

In Dollhouse news, there will not be a third season. There, I said it. Also, I saw Eliza Dushku on The Late Show last night wearing an outfit only a Goa'uld would love.

I'm heading to New York City this Friday to meet up with beccatoria. I'M SO EXCITED! Three days of talking about BSG! And Lee and Laura! And vids! And Fic! And, oh, yeah, seeing some sites. We're also hoping to meet up with a few people while there. ::crosses fingers::

So, yes, back to LJ silence for while.
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I think the drinking gin from the coffee mugs pushed me over the edge. The past couple of weeks, I could so identify with wanting to do that.
I think you'd really love the old episodes you haven't seen, as spoiled as you are. None of the show makes much sense unless you know enough about the characters to get what's especially funny, sad, or awful for them specifically.
I've caught a few old episodes on one of the local stations recently. What the hell were they thinking with Micheal's hair in Season 1???
I'm heading to New York City this Friday to meet up with beccatoria.
Would it be creepy to be like HEY YOU GUYS SHOULD HANG OUT WITH ME? I barely saw you at D*C and I'd love to meet her.
OK, I know you've mentioned going to things in NYC, but it never struck me that you actually lived there. And beccatoria hadn't mentioned you amongst the people she was meeting up with, not that she wouldn't LOVE meeting you, so, in other words, you slipped through the cracks!

I'll email/PM you later and touch base about when/where we could maybe meet. Right now I'm organizing a late lunch (3pm) on Saturday at Serendipity. We've also talked about going to the Met and various parks. Saturday night we actually head to Newark and we're staying there until I leave Sunday afternoon. But, yes, I'd love to get to spend more time with you! :)
Have a great trip! Any chance to see Hugh Jackman's play?
Thanks! Hugh was discussed, but, for various reasons it doesn't look like we'll be seeing the play. One of which is it looks to be completely sold out.
Aw, that's too bad. Maybe you'll catch a glimpse of him walking around town :)
It's probably for the best if dollhouse doesn't get a third season. The last episode was pretty disturbing, and Eliza Dushku needs do find a job that has nothing to do with acting. I'll still watch it, but I'm dissappointed.
I've read some vague comments about this last episode being especially disturbing and all I could think was, "It can get worse?" I lucked out in that Jamie's episode wasn't rage inducing for me. :)
And apparently my cold is influencing my spelling, hence the "needs do" ...
Let me repeat that last bit. They stole from The Last Starfighter.

Yes, they did. It was the only clever thing they did besides the Daniel Jackson informational videos. Problem being that their hot shot gamer isn't, er, hot. He also didn't live in a mobile cave that didn't go anywhere, lol. I guess that's part of the gritty realism they're going for<--(said with a snort of facetiousness)

I'll give it a week to see what their daily slog is like. But if the narrative structure remains as piss-poor as the pilot, I won't be back for another. I had no hopes for this series anyhow. I mean, it's a redux of a cartoon for chrissake, masquerading as the love child of Voyager and BSG.

Now, V, on the other hand...I cannot wait!

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I expected Jack, Daniel and Sam to have more to do. Though, I know RDA signed for several eps so, hopefully, he'll have an actual role in future episodes...not that I'll be watching them.

Problem being that their hot shot gamer isn't, er, hot.

LOL! Yeah, he's the walking cliche of gamer living with mom. They could have at least done the nerdy, but cute thing they did with Daniel early on. And he struck me as a Rodney clone.

There was narrative structure in the pilot? ;p I just don't know what the point is. They've already done the lost in space and want to get home thing with SGA. And why is adding a ninth Chevron cool? What's the point? And the Ancients spent all that time building a ship that lasts for millennia without running out of power and just before they are about to take off on it they figure out how to ascend? How convenient!

Hopefully V will save us from the current lack of good, or at least enjoyable, sci-fi.
if bitching and complaining is allowed and I can't have my membership revoked, sure! ;)
And when SyFy told the producers they wanted a darker show like BSG, they apparently took that to mean literally turning down the lights.


Also, are we sure Dollhouse won't be canceled half-way through this season? I heard ratings are horrid.
Half-way through? I'm thinking it could be canceled next week! But I also think they'll let Joss complete filming. They could burn off the episodes when another show fails. And there is the DVD profits to consider. Hopefully, for those invested in the show, Joss has begun work on the series finale.
I hope New York is fun :) I'm presuming that despite the last few years of movies, New York isn't currently due to be eaten by large monsters, obliterated by aliens or decimated by titanic floods and ice ages?

I've pretty much given up obtaining tv shows from illicit sources - there just isn't anything on that's gripping me lately. I'm catching Bones, Warehouse 13, Moonlight and House as they air over here, and I've recorded but not watched yet the first few episodes of FlashForward and Stargate: Universe. FF looks like it could be interesting, but the others I'm largely ambivalent about - Bones and House I'm watching because I've always watched them, and Moonlight I'm watching out of idle curiousity to see if they manage to find an interesting plot at any point in it's brief first and final season. There just doesn't seem to be much on that I find particularly gripping.

Still, m_a_r_i_k_s persuaded me to watch Farscape through for the first time (I've seen a number of episodes out of sequence, but far from all) and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. Three days of watching Farscape is surprisingly satisfying, but I'm not moving on to the third part of the Princess trilogy until m_a_r_i_k_s is free to watch it with me :)

I've got the first season of Dollhouse on my PC to watch at some point, but I just... can't seem to make myself. And I speak as someone who watched every episode of Tru Calling when I say there are some things I won't watch even to see Eliza repeating FHM shoots in each episode.
FlashForward I'm still undecided about. It's failed to live up to the hype, imo, and I have some issues with some of the performances, but there are moments I find intriguing and it actually made me laugh (in the good way) last week.

It seems as if a lot of people are either rewatching Farscape or watching it for the first time right now. I feel so left out! ;) I'm glad you are enjoying it. Non-spoilery comment about the 'Look at the Princess' trilogy - Ben's kids appear in it.
I've not seen any hype for FlashForward over here - it got a two paragraph preview and review in The Times, and some brief tv spots, and that was it. I'm hoping that by staying away from reviews and hype, I'll enjoy the show - I could do with something amiable to watch. Am I likely to recognise anyone in it?

I'd invite you over to watch Farscape, but you might find it a bit of a trek and my house is nowhere near as tidy as yours ;) Were Ben's two kids the ones generated by the machine that projected images of what the children of the royal marraige would look like?
I didn't know you guys would manage to meet up! YAY! I hope you have tons of fun in New York!