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A Productive Saturday or Why I Wasn't Online Today

As usual, my simple plans - decorate for Christmas while watching Buffy DVD's - became much more elaborate.

First off, no Buffy. I'm too hooked on Alias at the moment and felt compelled to continue watching my Season 2 DVD's. I realized today I'm a die hard Syd/Vaughn shipper and nothing will change my opinion. They are just too damn adorable together. Plus, there's the angst which always attracts me. :p

I Did make a couple of interesting observations as well...

Sark and Syd have a connection of some sort. Don't know what it is yet, but it's not romantic.

Syd was ready and willing to sleep with Vaughn before he broke up with Alice. Apparently Jack doesn't know his little girl as well as he thinks. ;)

I forgot there was a mention of Rambaldi's experimentation with self-sustaining cell regeneration and the discovery of an artifact that was "proof of endless life". Interesting.

Well, obviously, Ms Can't Die Allison has benefited from the cell regeneration. And considering I never bought Sloane just abandoned the Rambaldi quest, coupled with his current work in the field of world health and medical research, I'm sensing that Sloane is looking for eternal life. The guy is incredibly powerful and wealthy, what's left but trying to cheat death?

I had forgotten how creepy Irina could be. The way she looks at someone while she is sizing them up, finding there weaknesses, and then manipulating them until they bend to her will. Lena gives me chills.

Vaughn and Will had some great scenes together. I especially love the one where Will meets Vaughn for the first time. Will tries to cover his surprise by telling Vaughn he expected him to be older. Yeah, and fatter, balder, and uglier too. :p Yes, Will finally meets the competition for Syd's affections and realizes he's screwed.

As for what I did while making all these observations....

Well, I got quite a bit of housekeeping done plus rearranged the living room. My intent was to move one chair and table to make room for the Christmas tree. Did I stop there? Noooooo. Moved the couch and several other tables as well. Which, as long as I was moving everything, I decided to vacuum in spots that had not seen a vacuum in quite some time. And if the floor was now clean I should probably dust all the furniture. That inevitably leads to rearranging of nick-nacks and cleaning up the piles of paperwork all around. Oh, and lets not forget the pictures on the walls now needed to be moved.

Actually, it all looks pretty cool. I have the furniture on an angle to the rest of the room as opposed to having everything flat against the walls. And my comfy chair that I rarely sit in is directly across from the TV now so that I can sit in it. The sofa is also blocking the draft from the outside door (I never use the door much anyway). Oh, and once the Christmas tree is down I'll have a big empty space to fill. I have wanted to buy another chair, now I have an excuse. :)

I also managed to clean the kitchen which was becoming quite disturbing, do some laundry, clean the bathroom, and cook a decent meal for a change. I'm quite proud I got so much accomplished, though still no tree up (saving that for tomorrow). I got so caught up in what I was doing I didn't even think to go online. Yay me, since I fear I'm becoming too addicted. Hope I didn't miss chatting with too many of you though, but I was on a role and didn't wish to stop.

OK, off to shower and watch more Alias. Syd and Vaughn just had their big kiss so now I must go watch them have sex. :)

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