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Thoughts About the Latest Fandom Kerffufle

Since The Plan leaked last weekend, fandom has had kerfuffle #153. Normally I avoid the drama, but a couple of aspects of this kerfuffle bothered me. Some of the criticism of the film came from people who hadn't seen The Plan yet, a pet peeve of mine. And after reading several angry comments I was left wondering - my apologies for paraphrasing an overused and cliched expression - why we can't all just get along?

I’ve never understood ship wars, in any fandom, and find them exhausting even when I’m merely hanging out on the periphery of them. The Plan, inadvertently, triggered another round of fighting. There is some humor within the situation though because what has upset people isn't actually in the film.

I'm going to digress and provide a little personal backstory. Up until BSG, I always shipped what was considered THE couple on a show. Mulder and Scully. John and Aeryn. Buffy and Spike. Ok, sure, there are a equal number of Buffy and Angel shippers, but I didn't start watching Buffy until Season 4. I never look for a pairing to ship when I begin watching a series, but if it happens it’s usually the pairing the majority supports. Lee and Kara took off as a couple rather quickly, the consensus seems to be after Lee was presumed dead and they reunited on Galactica in the mini, but I could never warm to the idea of them as a couple. As friends and as siblings, yes, but I had no desire to see them in a romantic relationship.....even though I support Jamie taking his clothes off.

For reasons many do not understand, I ended up the in the small - yet determined and resilient - group known as Lee and Laura shippers. Was I disappointed that Ron never saw the brilliance of the pairing and didn’t go there? Sure, but, at the same time, I avoided a lot of wank and kerfuffles because I never shipped Lee and Kara. I’ll call it a win.

Even though I never shipped Lee and Kara, I won’t deny there was chemistry. I won’t argue it wasn't clear there was love and sexual tension between the two. But because of Zak, guilt, fear, insecurity, bad timing and probably a half a dozen other issues, the two were kept apart. If you shipped them, given their relationship in the first three seasons, I can see why you had an expectation the two might end up together, eventually. I say "might" because given how dark the show could be and given Ron's habit of killing off characters I really did conceive of an ending where both Lee and Kara died.

I’m not sure why the romantic relationship was dropped in Season 4. Depending on how you want to view the ending, Lee and Kara never got to be what they could have been and died alone or Kara and Sam met up in the afterlife and Lee climbed that mountain with Sonja to start populating the world with beautiful hybrid babies. Ok, that last part about Lee might just be me and beccatoria’s interpretation of Lee’s future. ;)

So, having said all that, let me get back to The Plan. The film was leaked and there were write ups and discussions of the implications of the film. Kara and Sam shippers were pleased. For many of them, the film reinforced the importance of the two, both separately and together. There was squeeing and there was, in my humble opinion, joking references made to their "epic" romance. This led to a backlash amongst some Lee and Kara shippers who felt it was their ship that was the epic ship.

None of the ship talk really mattered to me since I ship neither pairing and, as I mentioned before, kerfuffles exhaust me. But when I sat down to watch The Plan, I kept what I had read in mind to see who might be right and who might be wrong. I also wanted to see how so much shippiness could be worked into a film supposedly about Cavil's quest to annihilate humanity.

The Plan is not in any way a pro Kara/Sam film. If you ship Kara and Sam, I can see how you would likely be pleased by the film. I know it does my Lee/Laura heart good anytime those two are in a room together and I actually get to see it rather than have to imagine it. So I totally understand seeing what you want to see. For anyone not interested in Kara and Sam relationship, I'm perplexed by the ire at the inclusion of recycled footage of the two in the film. No new footage was shot and thus no new insights created.

The film is from the Cylon and mostly Cavil's perspective. It is through one Cavil that we see Sam and Kara interact and Sam's love for Kara. None of this is new information. You can even argue that Sam's feeling are completely one-sided since we get no hint of what Kara is thinking or feeling within the context of this specific story. What little footage of them together there is needs to be shown or otherwise there would be gaping holes in the overall plot (which already has some problems for other reasons). For the Kara and Lee shippers, be upset with Season 4, I can understand the disappointment, but The Plan shouldn't be lumped in with that. Lee and Kara, separately and together, are a non-issue in regards to the Cylon-centric material being covered.

Ultimately, I don't understand why we all can't squee over whatever we want to squee about. I know there are people who can't fathom how I can ship Lee with Laura. She's a surrogate mother to him! Accept I never saw her as such. I'm able to make a look, a gesture, a turn of phrase mean something more than Ron and Co. meant it to in regards to my OTP. And I've read interesting discussions about awesome Lee/Kara scenes in which one of them wasn't even present in the scene. We all see what we want to see. I didn't view The Plan as a love letter to Kara and Sam or a declaration that their romance was "epic", but the Sam/Kara folks should be allowed to view and enjoy the film as they choose to.

Besides, we all know that Ellen/Tigh was the epic romance of the series. They were together for 2,000 years. No one can beat that.

And I am DONE writing posts for the day. Phew!
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