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It's Baaaaaack! BSG Commentary Recapping

It's been awhile, my friends. The skills were a bit rusty. But I've managed to listen to Ron's podcast Jane and Eddie's DVD commentary so you don't have to. To be honest, it wasn't nearly as painful as I feared it would be. Eddie barely spoke! I know! I'm shocked too! I actually felt a bit sorry for Jane. It's clear she didn't think she would be doing most of the talking. By the midway point there were long silences she tried to fill by asking Eddie questions and attempting to get him to speak, with no luck. When he did talk it was mostly to say how "terrific", "fantastic" and "great" the cast and crew were. While it was nice of him to bestow so many compliments on the people he worked with, it makes for a boring commentary track.

So, there is not a lot of revealing information to share.....although there was a small highlight for the Sam/Jean shippers. I had no idea there were Sam/Jean shippers until recently. As a Lee/Sonja shipper, I feel we obscure shippers need to stick together. ;)

Rather than have Dean Stockwell talk to air or a random crew member during the scenes in which Cavil is talking with Cavil, Eddie cast the role of Cavil's double.

Jane reminisced about how hard they worked to get the old and new footage to match. There were even discussions about matching Caprica's lipstick shade. And Eddie made an effort to get the original hairdresser so Caprica's hair would match. (I found this somewhat humorous since Tricia switched to a wig years ago.)

Cavil to Ellen: "I'm a mysterious stranger." Jane included that line because in the series Ellen described being rescued by a mysterious stranger.

The rubble Ellen and Cavil were buried under was the remnants of Galactica's hanger deck after it was torn down. Technically, bulldozed. Eddie described it as the saddest thing he had ever gone through. (I assume he meant on set.)

Jane: "Baby Tyrol. Looking so young." Hee.

The very last raptor was painted ambulance colors to make it into a rescue vehicle.

During the scene in which Anders and the others are looking down from the bridge to where the Centurions are gathering their fallen comrades, they debated having a moment where Anders goes face to face with the raider that takes off and flies by them and have it recognize him. (If the raider had pegged him as one of the Five back on Caprica, wouldn't that have negated a lot of future events?)

Sidenote: I assumed the Centurions were picking up parts of other Centurions in order to recycle the parts. But if they really were trying to 'save' their comrades, they're more sentient then I gave them credit for.

If you had any doubt, yes, Baltar did leave the note for Adama.

Jane commented she really liked how they slowed down the footage going into act breaks because it felt like closing a chapter.

It was difficult keeping track of how many days after the attacks events took place. They tore their hair out getting the numbers right.

There are still lots of questions left unanswered about the creation of the Cylons that weren't relevant to story, but may get answered in Caprica. Jane thinks they hit the big loose ends of the show such as who was Six talking to on Caprica and who left the note? She didn't feel like they left anything big hanging. Eddie felt very complete at the end. (Huh? I guess the series completes him. :p)

Jane: One Cavil is desperately trying to seek the love of his parents; the other is desperately trying to kill the last few humans. One Cavil realizes that the love of humanity is sort of the key to why Cavil will never win; the other Cavil is not realizing it.

Matthew Bennett (Doral) ad libbed all sorts of stuff on the set. There was a moment between Doral and Shelley where Shelley explained that if they blow up they will download and it will be OK. Doral's response was, "But I made this suit." It was totally right for Doral.

"Let's get this genocide started." Jane realized it was a dicey joke, but it plays to Cavil's character. He's hard and loveless and devoid of humanity, but he's also someone who can joke in the darkest moments and that is a gift to a writer.

The train wreck was already there for them to use. It was a training center for rescue personal.

Jane was glad she could give Jean stuff to do and felt the actress was excellent. You were able to get this whole sense of the relationship Jean and Anders had had. And I must quote Jane here, "At least I did. Maybe I was writing in my head." ;-)

Anders was not afraid to be scared. He was not always the fearless rebel leader, but scared like any person would be.

There was a moment cut after Doral sees the explosive vest. He looks at it askance and Cavil says, "Well, you could paint it teal."

The Leoben story was hard to do. Part of the difficulty was they were stuck with events that happened on Galactica. They had to construct a story that would slot into and not after places he was already dead.

When they were casting the boy, they had a picture of Dean Stockwell from The Boy with the Green Hair. Eddie thought it would be neat if the boy looked like a young Dean. Wardrobe even copied Dean's outfit form the movie. If you notice (I didn't), the kid has jeans, which broke a long standing rule on BSG - no blue jeans.

There were a few references to Lymari Nadel - her fantastic performance, how she came up with the lines, "I hate this jumpsuit. Everyone is doing what they can.", and Eddie bringing her ideas to Jane - yet neither ever made a reference to Lymari being Eddie's wife. Weird!

The Boomer/Six scene was an unused scene from the finale.

The Cybel was a new ship introduced. Jane seemed excited she got to introduce a ship.

In the pit of bodies, those were all real people being burned. WTF?

After Cybel Simon (or Gianna's Simon or I Love Humans Simon) tells Cavil it was hard for him to get away to meet him, Cavil comments that it's also been hard for D'Anna to get away. They wanted to explain that Cavil was aware of D'Anna's presence, but he let her go off and do her own thing. It was a way to explain Lucy's unavailability.

The Plan was for everyone to die and when it didn't happen it was all improv after that. O.....K.....

Leoben is listening to a recording rather than the wireless because Kara was in the infirmary with busted knee at that point in time. They needed to find a way that he could be listening to her.

Jane found it funny that the spiritual center of the ship turned out to be Cavil's lair. They already knew he was working as a priest on Galactica; they just needed to give him a chapel.

The kiss between Cavil and Boomer is where their relationship starts. (Everyone, EWWWWWW.)

The film answers questions you didn't know you had. (In my opinion, not really.)

The downfall of the entire existence of Cylons was the one thing they weren't ready for - love.

Cavil hoped to hear from Anders, one of his parents, absolution and that they had learned their lesson. He's hanging on to that.

Sidenote: It struck me as I rewatched that Simon and Cavil on Caprica were the opposite of their counterparts on Galactica. On Caprica, Simon wants to put an end to the charade and kill the humans while Cavil wants to keep them alive for his own benefit. While on Galactica, Simon and Cavil have the exact opposite desires. How might things may have been different if the Cavils had switched places and met up with the other Simons?

Jane stated the lone naked male pilot was an effort to get a penis on film so it wouldn't be unfair. In her opinion, it wasn't fair to include all naked women and no naked men. Interestingly, they cast a shy actor and it was difficult to get a, er, small piece of footage. ;) Eddie chimed in with "You girls are funny about that." Then he proceeded to explain how the show is not about sexuality. People had to realize sexuality became something else (?) and there is no nudity taboo or gender inequality. (I know some who would debate that issue.) It is only true to the story to have equivalence in footage...and from there I got really confused by what he was attempting to say.

There was talk of doing three movies. Verheiden would write the first, Weddle and Thompson the second and Jane the third. When the other writers were hired on to other shows, the film fell to her.

Jane mentioned flash-forwarding to all the Kara/Leoben moments that hadn't happened yet, but didn't explain what it meant. :(

The final exchange between Cavil and Simon was much longer. Simon came in and started talking about his medical team being called to Galactica after Adama's shooting. They decided just to cut right to Simon telling Cavil that if Adama wasn't dead, he was dying.

Cavil's, "Where'd the bottle go?" was a Dean ad-lib.

There was a long subplot (really long - it's one of the deleted scenes described below) in which Caprica Cavil went away, met up with other Cylons, came back to the camp with Centurions and devastated part of the group.

For those who haven't purchased, rented or acquired the bonus material for The Plan, here is a run down of the deleted scenes.

There was more of the C-Bucs training prior to attacks.

There was also more of Ellen and Cavil on Picon. She comments that "the rents are cheap and so's my husband. Technically still my husband." She goes on to say Tigh knows what is right and wrong for the entire universe; Cavil talks of justice. Ellen says, "You're just like him", which gets quite the reaction from Cavil. There's additional talk of not learning lessons and right after the first bomb hits, Ellen asks what's happening. Cavil says, "Whatever it was I'm starting to think it was a bit premature."

There's a brief clip of Anders walking towards a cliff and looking at a devastated the writing on the screen tells us. Then he turns around and says, to no one, “I'm so sorry.” I think he was running away!

Random shot of Boomer thinking about Tyrol after visiting Cavil. Not sure why they bothered to include it.

We see Jean track down Anders right before they discover the pit. Jean says, "I woke up and you were gone." What?! Well, that raises some interesting questions. He asks how she found him; she says "you're not all that hard to follow T". She then asks where he's going and he comes up with he thought maybe there were more survivors.

More Cavil and Boomer. Boomer states "He believes in me." Whether he means Tyrol or Adama, I'm not sure. Cavil says reaching for the explosives would have taken her home. But, forget about it, he still needs her for something special.

Finally, there is the long scene involving Cavil and Anders. It begins with Anders recounting to Jean what he witnessed in 'Downloaded'. He's convinced the Cylons aren't unified anymore. He's talks about Boomer and Caprica. He tells Jean he should have been down in the city spying the whole time. Jean says why not now, but Anders says it's too late, they've lost too many people. Jean mentions Kara.

Cavil shows up and Anders is glad to see him. Cavil tells him and the others who have gathered that he believes the Cylons needed a messenger. He was tortured for answers, but then things started to change. A few Cylons started to think differently. The ones known as the war heroes. He tells them a story of people thriving on Picon. And maybe the Cylons learned they made a mistake. Killing humans wasn't a way to get what they wanted. They now see to get understanding and not just revenge they have to show mercy. Anders points out that before the Cylons grabbed Cavil, he was already defending them. Cavil asks if Anders thinks he's a collaborator? Then he asks Anders if he is sick. Anders explains they killed Simon, but not before he had contaminated their anti-radiation meds. Cavil states he's not his enemy, but his friend and he knows it. If you reach out to the Cylons, they'll reach out to you.

Then they cut to a sizable part of the group walking towards the gate outside the camp. Boomer and Caprica (on crutches!) are walking towards the camp and are all smiles. They tell them to follow them; the truce begins here. Anders, Jean, Cavil and others are some ways away watching all this. Jean calls the group going with them idiots. The wording on the screen tells us Centurions are approaching and they open fire. Boomer and Caprica are devastated and fall to the ground, crying.
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  • Off Conning

    I've been meaning to post for days, but between work and D*C planning and failing miserably at trying to complete a project, it just never happened.…

  • It Must Be the Weekend: TV Roundup

    Yes, I now have True Blood icons. Don't get too excited. My enthusiasm may not extend beyond this season. But before we get to True Blood, White…

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