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The First Evil

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Heading West

In a few hours, I'll (hopefully) be on the first of two planes heading to LA. The nice thing about a later flight is a) being able to sleep in and b) not having to worry about getting everything packed and organized the night before. Actually, I'm hoping to make it over to the apartment complex office to pick up a package to see if I want to take any of the clothes I ordered with me. :)

And I realized last night I'll have quite a bit of TV I will be missing. I was double and triple checking the DVR setting then realized ALL the shows would pop up on Hulu eventually.

I have no clue what kind of internet access I'll have while away. No one do anything terribly exciting until I get back Monday night, OK? This trip I had the wisdom to not go back to work the next day so hopefully I can recover from the jet lag before dealing with the crazy at work.

Tags: travel
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