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I'm Baaaaaaack

simplystars made me promise to post as soon as I got home. The 21st century way to let everyone know you're home safe and reasonably sound. My plane actually got in two and a half hours ago, but after a bit of drama involving who would be picking me up at the airport (I ended up taking a cab) and a long chat with my mother, this is my first opporunity to get at the computer.

I had a FABULOUS time and miss everyone already! I do not have enough fan girls near me and that fills me with woe. But I got to spend five fun filled days with danceswithwords, brynnmck, the aforementioned simplystars, 50mm, pdxscaper, kernezelda, pukajen and her friend S (who OMG does not have an LJ!) and I got to meet the delightful zegeekgirl.

I'll have much more to say about all of them and the awesomeness of Ben Browder and Claudia Black after I get some much needed sleep. I also was able to catch up on some TV on the plane and I have thoughts on Bones, White Collar and Friday Night Lights. In their own ways, they all rocked last week. :)
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