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The Return of the King

It would seem that wisteria_ stole my thunder. Here I thought I had a big revelation regarding the LotR movies and she does me one better by never having seen them.

See, my confession is I don't get what the big deal is. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the films and feel. Plus, Aragorn and Legolas? ::drools:: But, I don't await the films with breathless anticipation. I have not been giddy for weeks. Hell, I didn't even think much about them until today. If it wasn't for the fact I hate to be out of the loop, I probably wouldn't go to the considerable effort to arrange to see it opening day. I mean, i waited in line a half hour just to get in the theatre and guess what? There were already 200 people in front of me!

So, for me these films are just like any other blockbuster only incredibly well made. As for RotK I liked it. I felt it dragged a bit at the beginning but I definitely perked up during one of the most amazing battle sequences I've ever seen on film (even if it 'borrowed' a bit from another blockbuster - let's see if you can spot it ;). I even got weepy at the end. Oh, and for those who feel the films tend to be sexist, Peter Jackson definitely through in a girl power moment. :)

ETA: I almost forgot the one thing that really pissed me off and it had nothing to do with the movie. NO PREVIEWS! Now, I just spoke with my co-worker who went to a Midnight showing and had 15 minutes of them including the new Spiderman trailer! I think I should demand part of my money back...

Now, on a completely different subject, but one I need to share because it made me aware of just how sheltered my little world is...

My friend Stacey's friend Tom is contemplating dating a girl that Stacey is a bit concerned about. Why you may ask? (I certainly did ;) It's the girl's behavior. After repeatedly failing to return Tom's phone calls, Tom managed to corner said girl in a bar to find out what's up. Well, is seems she's been busy with the abortion. Apparently not a big deal since she doesn't believe in birth control. And the father, a pro-life OBGYN (no, I'm not making that up) felt it was a good idea because with her alcoholism and pill popping she probably would have miscarried anyway. :(

And on a final note, anyone think tonight's The O.C. was ridiculous even by O.C. standards?

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