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Farscape: The Complete Series

This morning, I saw an email from DeepDiscount.com informing me they are having a mega sale on DVDs, CDs, and books. So, before I placed my order for the Farscape DVDs with Amazon, I thought I'd take a look at their price - FRELLING $74.38! Yep, they are selling it at 50% off retail. If you want to buy a copy I suggest placing an order before the price goes back up.

Now, Best Buy is selling a limited edition with Peacekeeper Wars included, but I can't rationalize paying a lot more for one disc I already have.
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Darn you to heck. Bought it.
I had the original issue of DVDs, which suck, they're nearly unwatchable. But were expensive. I've now thrown way more money at FARSCAPE than even at Buffy!
Hee. I only have the first two seasons on DVD. Cost + laziness prevented me from buying the rest, so I don't feel too bad about buying the box set. And Brian Henson assured the audience at the con there would be no BluRay DVDs in the foreseeable future, if ever.
I know! I about fell out of my chair. I keep thinking they'll realize they made a mistake. AND they shipped my order this afternoon! I could have them before the release date! IT'S INSANITY!
Ordered. Take that, lying vendor guy!

It's not completely ridiculous to have 3 sets of Farscape DVDs, right?
Heh... I wasn't gonna buy the box set at all, even though (as you know) I'd do pretty much anything to support Henson.

But then I saw M's email making the rounds this morning, and so I sat in the dark in an assembly about eagles and ordered it. :D

I'm waiting for DeepDiscount to realize they made some sort of mistake in pricing. I thought they might be a few dollars less than Amazon, but $30?! This is one time I'm glad I procrastinated. :)
I love them and have bought oodles of stuff from them... I think I got the QAF boxset from Amazon, though, cos DD didn't have it in stock when I wanted it.

I should really figure out what to do with the VHS series of FS, I suppose... although Julie was trying to arrange some box sets with A&E for the WFS Military Project, so maybe I'll get rid of my extra sets that way.

*waves from too far a distance* :(
Usually they have one of their 20% off sales this time of year and I do quite a bit of my holiday shopping at their site. ;) It seems they are slashing prices even more this year. Maybe because of the economy?

I should find a military program to donate CDs and DVDs I don't want to. I could try selling them at work, but I'd rather pass on making a few bucks if I know they are going to people who would really enjoy and use them.

::Waves Back::

I miss you all! :(
It's not completely ridiculous to have 3 sets of Farscape DVDs, right?

As someone who has four copies of the Star Wars trilogy in three formats, I'll say no. :)

And where did that vendor get $189? Everyone has retail listed at $149. I'm just glad I price checked Amazon before I got to LA.

OMG! Thank you so much. I promised my friend qqzj that I would give this series a try. I was halfway through the first season, and then I had to stop because I couldn't get my hands on the rest of the season one DVDs. This is awesome!
Hee, good to hear that. Frankly I was a little bored with the episodes I've seen so far. Then I was forced (by lack of availability) to skip the rest of season one and started on the first couple of episodes of season two. Needless to say I was a bit confused.
Episode 16 is generally considered to be where the show starts taking off, and the end of Season 1 is wonderful and heartbreaking. I'm quite fond of the beginning of the season too, but it's much more episode-of-the-week, even though you get a lot of information that retroactively ends up being important.

I love that show a LOT.
YAY! Normally, I wouldn't encourage people to buy a series that they had seen so little of, but Farscape is one of the best series I've ever seen and I think you will enjoy it. :)
Hee, between you and qqzj, and now danceswithwords I have to give this a try! I promised my friend I would give Farscape another try once Supernatural goes on mid season hiatus (after next week), and the shipping date of Nov 17 makes a perfect timing! Guess it's meant to be. ;-)
Thanks for this - I think. :-) I've gotten a few of the DVDs (and VHS tapes!) piecemeal over the years, and really wanted the whole shebang, and they finally released them all in one complete package. Finally.
I got the sense that they were as relieved as we are that all the eps are finally together in one set!
Yay! I had pre-ordered from Amazon, but I was able to cancel and order at the low-low price instead. I've been watching via iTunes, which is nice but doesn't have the extras. I NEED the extras!

I love this show SO MUCH.
I was wondering how you were viewing the episodes!

I'm looking forward to doing a rewatch once I have the set. I know several people already in the midst of rewatchs or watching for the first time, like you, but I didn't have all the eps on DVD and didn't want to go through the hassle of digging out my video tapes or downloading.
I'd been waffling, but the DD price made the decision for me. HA! So what that it's the 4th version of the full show that I'll own. I'm supporting it! That's my story anyway. ;)
Apparently A LOT of people are supporting it. It's the number one selling DVD on DeepDiscount at the moment. :)
Thanks for the heads up! I was gonna buy it on Amazon, but Frell me sideways, that's an amazing price. Way better than then $130, cash only, at Creation Con.
And they were telling people the retail price was $189 which is crap.

I was doing some price comparisons today between Amazon and DeepDiscount - Amazon wins the latest round by listing 'Star Trek' at $9.99 vs DeepDiscount's $17.99 - and saw 'Farscape' was DeepDiscount's top selling DVD. I wonder why???