Oh. My. GOD. I SOOOOO needed a pick me up, and I have tears running down my face from laughing so hard.

On the bright side at least you've got a short week this week.

And whilst I'm still trying to decide which bit of this is my favourite, I've also discovered the joys of Beaker doing the Ode to Joy and Gonzo and the PPP (pitch perfect poultry) doing the Blue Danube Waltz...brilliant!
It's funny because it's TRUE.

Except that I would give my left eyeteeth for a work conference that entertaining. *she says, penciling in 2 hours of demos over Webex and conference call on Monday night*
It's hard to pick one! Or three! Though Beaker cracked me up more than others. :)
When he visited a couple of weeks ago, "Mahna Mahna" was my 2.5yo nephew's OBSESSION. He'd chirp "mahna mahna!", and we'd have to sing back "do doo dee doo doo". The best part was discovering that I could stream it on YouTube with my iPhone, which would shut Neph up when he was cranky in the car.
Hee! Lots of fun, even though I'm not into the song. I saw you linked it first, and suddenly ALL the sites on my RSS feeds have popped up with links. You are very influential.
Hee! To be fair, I think it broke on Twitter first. But I didn't realize it was new until I went to YouTube and saw the posting date. I just thought with it being the holidays people were digging up fun (old) stuff to share.
OMG! <3

I love the muppets so much! :D

Thanks for the link - really made me grin.
I forgot to watch this last night but I've just been sent to the copy on BoingBoing by StumbleUpon. It is just perfect!
This is excellent :) I hope it beats all the squeaky boy band songs off the top spot this Christmas...