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White Collar: All In

I hope everyone living in the U.S. is enjoying the extended holiday weekend. I had a long To Do list to tackle and, as always, have had mixed results in the tackling. But I think I'm getting more done than I usually do, if not everything I want to get done. I successfully killed my old desktop computer. The killing was intentional. The plan is to donate it to Goodwill so I can clear off the desk in the spare room and repurpose it. And while the White Collar marathon was running on USA yesterday, I altered my time between staring at the the TV and doing a massive dusting of the furniture and knickknacks. The amount of dust in some places was frightening. I also had a post it listing stuff I wanted to post about, but it seems to have become a victim of the cleaning. I guess what I had to say wasn't that important.

Oh, and not that anyone looks at my journal directly (opposed to via your Friends page) all that often, if at all, but I stripped it down to the basic component style until I decide what exactly I want to do with it. I still want a header, one preferably with Jamie.....and maybe others ;).....but the BSG theme, for various reasons, needed to go. We're heading into a new year, I have new fandoms and interests and it's as good a time as any for a fresh start. Now, on to the show.....

Anytime I start to think about the plot of a White Collar episode I have to tell my brain to stop because going down that road will inevitably lead to a headache. I'm not always willing to suspend disbelief or ignore the ginormous plotholes in a story, but because I love the characters so damn much I'm willing to in this show's case.....even if Neal risking getting shot as to not blow his cover was really pushing it.

As always, there were some fabulous and very telling character moments. The first occurs when Neal wonders aloud how the FBI found out about Nick Halden (sp). Mozzie points out Nick was not Neal's best work, unlike Steve Tabernacle. Neal says Steve was a good man; Mozzie is quick to correct Steve is a good man. There's a brief moment when Neal realizes the 'error' he made, speaking of one of his aliases in the past tense, as if that part of his life is over.

Neal questioning, however briefly, who he now is and his place in the world bookends nicely with the scene in which Peter confronts Neal over his duplicity with Mei-Lin. Peter tells Neal it's up to him whether or not their partnership comes to an end. Neal looks up at Peter, slightly stunned, and asks, "We're partners?" Neal's expression clearly conveys Peter's words meant something to him. It's likely not the first time the thought crossed Neal's mind, but I don't think it occurred to him that Peter would consider him his partner, or at least admit to it.

The moment is perhaps the biggest in their relationship. Peter is pretty much letting Neal know he sees him as an equal, someone he's coming to depend on. Whether a cop or federal agent, partnerships are important. Partners rely on each other, are there for each other at all times and have each others back. Neal hadn't considered the enormity of the situation until just then. And this is just after Neal has, if not lied to Peter, withheld pivotal information endangering Peter's case. As Elizabeth tells Neal, Peter wants to trust him, but Neal keeps giving him reasons to doubt the faith he's putting in him.

Of course, just at the moment Neal starts to enjoy his new partnership Mei-Lin drops the bombshell - whoever has Kate is FBI. It was a bit of a surprise. The show has done a reasonably good job convincing us that whoever is (supposedly) manipulating Kate is after something Neal has in his possession.

I'm going to assume Mei-Lin was telling Neal the truth and it creates some interesting scenarios. What if someone in the FBI isn't satisfied with Neal serving only four years for his crimes and Kate was strong-armed into dumping him, thus forcing him to escape? It would explain Kate asking Neal to turn over everything he has, which would be a hell of a lot of incriminating evidence. Or what if it's a rogue agent sick of seeing the criminals profit from their crimes? What if they are in cahoots with Kate? Neal only had three or four months left on his sentence (two different periods of time are given in the pilot) and then would have presumably reaped the rewards himself from what he had stolen. Could Kate have found out earlier Neal lied about San Diego and felt betrayed?

And there is another scenario I find very interesting. What if Peter is equally guilty of "I'm not lying, I'm just not providing you with all the information I have"? Peter has been adamant with Neal that he needs to forget about Kate and move on with his life. It's in Neal's best interests. I honestly don't think Peter has a clue where Kate is currently or what she may or may not be up to, but could Peter be aware that four years ago Kate had a hand in Neal getting arrested and being convicted? Perhaps she gave him up to spare herself?

I could be way off in my numerous possibilities. I just don't feel as if Kate will be around much, if at all, after this season and there would have to be a big betrayal on her part for Neal to finally move on.

Random things I enjoyed and/or can't meta to death:

The novelty socks. They are the gift that keeps on giving! Though I suspect Neal, if he were to buy Peter a gift, would buy Peter something really nice and useful rather than something gimmicky.

The little girl was adorable and I thoroughly enjoyed Peter's confessional talk with her, thus allowing Neal to get a good idea of Peter's depth of feeling for him. ;) However, Peter really thought the girl couldn't understand English when her father is fluent in the language? And would you really have a child that age translate what a group of "hostesses" are saying? Especially when her dad was there? ::hand wave::

June! They really didn't need June in this episode, but I was glad to see Diahann Carroll back. She's definitely filling the grandmother role. She even made Neal and Mozzie brownies! Ok, yes, she has servants, but that doesn't preclude her from enjoying baking and I like the idea she made them herself.

If June is filling the role of grandmother, Peter and Elizabeth were definitely shown to be mom and dad this week. Peter tells Neal they need to talk, but instead of taking him to the office he takes him to his house. While Neal can usually depend on Elizabeth for support, even she can't back him up this time. She can only sympathize with Neal so much, especially when she sees her husband's trust, and possibly career be battered once again. And I love Neal pleading with her not to abandon him. :)

USA, just weeks after announcing White Collar would be paired with Burn Notice on Thursdays has changed their mind. 'White Collar' is moving to Tuesdays at 10:00est beginning January 19. I don't have any strong feelings about the move. My guess is USA originally paired it with Burn Notice thinking they could use the series to help boost White Collar's ratings, but White Collar is doing well enough on it's own. Plus with moving Psych to Wednesdays at 10:00 (My immediate reaction was, "But it's always been on Fridays!", but then I realized I seldom watch in on Fridays. :p) it looks like USA is trying to develop a strong presence at 10:00 during the week. What's really funny is USA seems to be taking advantage of their sister network, NBC, weakness at 10:00 thanks to the failed Leno experiment.
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