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This Post Brought to You By My Deep Desire Not to Work Today

I'm unsure if this is a Gold Box Deal of the day or Amazon's desire to get revenge on DeepDiscount, but if you haven't already purchased the Farscape box set, Amazon has it at $58.

Jamie Bamber appeared at Starfury's Cylon Attack convention this past weekend and revealed to an attendee he auditioned for the role of Jaime Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones. I posted links here at jamiebambernews. While I'm a bit disappointed he didn't get the role, I was glad to read he is auditioning for American series. Sorry to my British friends, but I want to see him on my TV every week. ;)

I'm currently finishing up Season 8 of Stargate on Hulu. Wow, they really didn't think they were coming back for a ninth season, did they? They wrapped up a lot of storylines and Jack and Sam were as about as close to getting together as they ever were. (Shut up danceswithwords :p)

And I have some White Collar speculation based on a comment Neal made in last Friday's episode 'All In'. Neal wondered how the FBI knew of his alias Nick Halden. What if Kate told them? I won't go so far as to say Kate helped Peter catch Neal, that would seriously undercut the intelligence and abilities of the man who caught Neal, twice, but what if Peter has either been directly or indirectly been benefiting from Kate's knowledge since Neal's release? Did Peter have the information about Nick or did it come from Hughes? We weren't introduced until Hughes until after the pilot. Is there a reason for that? And is it Friday yet???
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And here I just purchased it for $74 at DeepDiscount, because it was such a great deal!
Me too. I didn't think it would be any cheaper than $74 for at least a year. I know Amazon has been involved in a price war with Walmart, but it looks like they may have one going on with DeepDiscount as well. At least I didn't buy it at $104 from Amazon.
FWIW, I got the impression that Pete has a whole file on Neal - including his multiple "personalities". In fact, the chick did her thesis(?) on him. So they have a ton of info on him, just nothing that they could PROVE in a court of law. So yeah, they KNOW about Holden - they KNOW about a bunch of forgeries he's done...they just can't PIN it all on him legally. And, at this point, they don't really care anymore.
I'm sure Peter has many files on Neal. ;) And I'm sure Peter knows more than Neal thinks he knows. But there was something about the scene and Neal being so surprised they knew about the alias that coupled with the revelation about Kate at the end has me thinking perhaps they were setting up the scenario she's been feeding information to the FBI.
Oh, it's sad he didn't get it.

Also, YES, I had the same thoughts about Kate! And I want Friday too.
I still have issues with the casting of Kate (she looked like a teenager!), but I am intrigued with where they could be going with the character. And will Neal find good reason to finally move on?
I think she's... cute. Maybe even pretty. And she has really nice eyes. But yeah, you're right she's too young. And I probably read too much fics but I don't like her so much.

Well, we'll find out :) Can't wait for the next episode. Srsly, if there was a new episode every day I would still want more. (And no, I didn't watch entire series like... 6 times since I first watched it two weeks ago. No, not at all. And yes, I'm obsessed.)
And no, I didn't watch entire series like... 6 times since I first watched it two weeks ago.

Oh, thank the gods, it's not just me! :) I've probably watched every episode, accept for last weeks, six to eight times. And I could probably watch an episode a day and not get bored. I'm always finding new little things to enjoy. I'm also finding more continuity errors, but that's another story! ;)
Yeah, exactly. Every time is even more enjoyable! Besides Neal looks so good I could watch this over and over again just to look at him.

Oh God, this show makes me so happy.
Ooh I wonder if QoT knows that about Jamie/Jamie!! Hee.

Tempted by Farscape...even though I haven't seen it yet. Sigh.
I thought of QoT as soon as I read the news! And she was one of the bloggers I referred to in my post. ;)

I guess it depends on how you planned on viewing Farscape. If you planned on renting the DVDs or buying them from iTunes, it may be more cost effective to buy the DVDs.

I was thinking of Netflixing them (and maybe even watching the first season or two on Instant Play at Netflix) but I know if I love it I may get impatient to have to wait for them to come in.
I saw your icon, but didn't immediately see the White Collar content, and felt totally upset and misled... :P

I like the idea of Kate having double-crossed Neal and helpin the FBI. Now, I dont' like the idea of all of Peter's work being undone by "oh, Kate did it", and I don't like the idea of "Kate Hate" developing because of this. I just think it would be an interesting twist (and a nice bit of agency) for an otherwise dull (and helpless) character. I suppose we'll see how it goes.

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I would be very displeased if Peter's work were undone. Jeff Eastin has commented that Peter and Neal are the two smartest people in the room so I'm confidant that while we might find out Peter has knowledge of Kate's involvement with the FBI, she had nothing to do with Peter's capture (twice) of Neal. I believe several months passed between Neal's meeting with Peter and Peter arranging for his release. Maybe Peter found out about Kate during that time and it's why he's been pressuring Neal to move on?
WAAAH! Jamie Bamber as Jaime Lannister would have been AWESOME! Almost as awesome as Sean Bean playing Ned Stark is!!!!
Are they filming now? There was also a potential conflict with Jamie's filming on L&O:UK. I'm going to hope the producers remember him when they need to fill a role down the road.
I'm currently arguing with myself over whether or not to order the set from, even with the likely import duties and customs handling charge. Hunting around online, I'm a tad confused; the previsou complete edition was 49 DVDs, but this edition is only 25 on Amazon. From reading forums, it sounds as if it's the Best Buy edition that includes the Peacekeeper Wars, as an exlcusive. Hmm.
I think there are more episodes per disc on this set. And, yes, the Best Buy special edition includes 'Peacekeeper Wars'. I suspect they just inserted a copy of the mini and there's nothing new there.

LAME F-ING CASTING, ASOIAF, DUDES! *considers boycotting the series on principle*
Jamie Bamber appeared at Starfury's Cylon Attack convention this past weekend and revealed to an attendee he auditioned for the role of Jaime Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones.
Whaaaaa?! I wouldn't have mind seeing him as Jaime Lannister... But I like the choice they went for!!!

I also want to see mr. Bamber on my TV every week!!! *HEE*