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This Post Brought to You By My Deep Desire Not to Work Today

I'm unsure if this is a Gold Box Deal of the day or Amazon's desire to get revenge on DeepDiscount, but if you haven't already purchased the Farscape box set, Amazon has it at $58.

Jamie Bamber appeared at Starfury's Cylon Attack convention this past weekend and revealed to an attendee he auditioned for the role of Jaime Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones. I posted links here at jamiebambernews. While I'm a bit disappointed he didn't get the role, I was glad to read he is auditioning for American series. Sorry to my British friends, but I want to see him on my TV every week. ;)

I'm currently finishing up Season 8 of Stargate on Hulu. Wow, they really didn't think they were coming back for a ninth season, did they? They wrapped up a lot of storylines and Jack and Sam were as about as close to getting together as they ever were. (Shut up danceswithwords :p)

And I have some White Collar speculation based on a comment Neal made in last Friday's episode 'All In'. Neal wondered how the FBI knew of his alias Nick Halden. What if Kate told them? I won't go so far as to say Kate helped Peter catch Neal, that would seriously undercut the intelligence and abilities of the man who caught Neal, twice, but what if Peter has either been directly or indirectly been benefiting from Kate's knowledge since Neal's release? Did Peter have the information about Nick or did it come from Hughes? We weren't introduced until Hughes until after the pilot. Is there a reason for that? And is it Friday yet???
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