Asta 2

Perhaps One of the Cutest Things Ever

And, no, it does not involve Jamie Bamber or Matt Bomer. Actor Brian Cox teaches a 30 month old Shakespeare's "To Be or Not To Be" soliloquy.

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I just realized it's been ten days since I last posted. Eep! I do have posts in progress, but have been distracted by my latest obsession, I'll let you guess what that is, as well as work and holiday stuff. At least my shopping is done. Woo!

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to all those who gifted me with snowflakes last week. I missed the opportunity to reciprocate, but want you know they were much appreciated. :)
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Oh my god. I think I must teach this to the small son as a response video.

Of course, it's the accent that really makes this video extra cute. Wee British kids make my heart melty!
Oh, he's so cute! I love when he says, "Or not to be." His accent is so cute and proper! What a cutie. :-)
That was absolutely adorable. I love Brian Cox.
MUST TWEET! I'll credit you, doll. XD

It's the elbow move on "slings and arrows" that sells it. LMAO.