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Tis The Season

Since I see my west coast friends are posting it must mean Christmas Eve is nearly at an end and Christmas day will soon be upon us. Which means I'm rapidly running out of time to get my Holiday post posted!

For those of you who have known me FOREVER, or at least since Buffy fandom, you know of my tradition to butcher put a fandom spin on classic holiday songs. Last year, for the first time, due to a lack of time, various stresses and ever increasing expense I opted not to send out cards. The Plan was to post something online instead, but then inspiration alluded me and by the time I was March. Well, this year I swore to myself I would be timely! And I while could fiddle with these some more, (one of) my New Year's resolution is to stay on top of things.

I don't know what shall happen next year, but this year Battlestar Galactica still managed to inspire me. And I wanted to show, once again, that while a may have a wee bit of a new obsession, Battlestar still remains my One True Show. But that other obsession? It managed to inspire me too. But only having seven episodes to work with? Not easy people!

A note on the White Collar song. I used a rather obscure one, I think. Remember how back in the 80s when MTV still played music they would have a singer write and perform a song around the holidays? Billy Squire wrote one and, a couple weeks ago, one of the local radio stations played it and it immediately led to ideas. For those who need a refresher or help imaging the music I've imbedded a clip. Now, on with the, er, whatever!

It's Time to Ally
AKA "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

We really want to stay / Hey, recall the genocide?
We can’t go away / Several billion died
This truce has been / A way to stop you from doing us in
So very nice / Don’t hold your breath, we’re just playing nice
The Hybrid had us worried / Beautiful, more robot fury
The Sixes were pacing the floor / We can point them to an airlock door
You likely want us to scurry / Truly and please do hurry
But maybe we’ll just stay a little while more / Can someone grab Tigh’s stash and pour?

We know what you think / It’s gone from bad to worse over here
We drove you to the brink / Our leaders seem to hardly care
But we wish somehow / Looks like a mutiny is starting now
To end this now / We’ll take bets when the current plan goes to hell
You fought to say no, no, no, sirs / You'll find we still see you as toasters
At least we should say we gave it a try / Where’s Cottle to say something snide?
We really want to stay / Do we have an out?

We’ve nowhere to go / Say, have you really tried?
Well, actually, no / Oh, funny, Ellen’s one of your revered Five
Your welcome has been / You were lucky the Galactica was about to cave in
Reasonably nice and warm / Looks like Adama’s emo wanderings will be the norm
The Cavils could be malicious / Next you’ll say the Eights can be duplicitous
The Dorels found humanity a bore / And his fashion sense tragically poor
The rest of us aren’t so vicious / Gee, mind if we stay suspicious?
Maybe you could trust us a little more / That apocalypse left us a little sore

We’ve got a new home / Oh, wait, are those wild animals over there?
Say, let’s face the unknown / The grass is up to our knees here
We’ll give you a hand / Are my eyes seeing Gaius Baltar plow?
Please won’t you see / Do we complain to Romo or Lee?
It’s the only way we’ll see a tomorrow / Maybe it’s Sam we should have followed
At least we’ll say we gave it a try / On the brightside Adama wandered off to die
We really gotta stay / Not like we have a way out
Ahh, it’s seems we need to try

Guys, it’s time to ally

USA, It's Time to Say "I Love You"
AKA "Christmas Is the Time to Say 'I Love You'"

USA, it’s time to say “I love you”
Airing series NBC execs would not go near
USA, it’s time to say “I love you”
Nothing topped Matt Bomer and White Collar this year

On January 19th, fans will be grinning
When all new episodes start to air
From Tim to Matt, the cast could not be finer
Plots are so-so, but no one seems to care
Tuesday evenings we’ll look forward to watching
As Peter guides his partner with El’s support
From Devore to NYC, from flirtations to OT3s
It’s all found a way into our hearts

USA, it’s time to say “I love you”
Sharing the joys of scripted TV we hold dear
USA, it’s time to say “I love you”
And it’s a feeling that will last for many years

Just outside the window Neal is fleeing
Yet Peter’s pride he can’t help but show
Of insights and exploits, fast talk and charisma
Essentials that make Neal the con to know
Memories of Kate Neal can’t put behind him
It worries Peter his work will be undone
But it stands to reason, they’ll be friends for many seasons
Makes us feel like another obsession has begun

USA, it’s time to say “I love you”
Creating new characters to love and cheer
USA, it’s time to say “I love you”
And It’s a fandom that will last throughout the years

So as blue eyes shine brighter
And anticipation grows even higher
Then we’ll know the winter premiere is finally here

::Smooches:: and Happy Holidays!
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Awww the White Collar song is lovely, and I love the part on how the plots are so-so, but no one seems to care, because yes, yes. Haha XD

Merry Xmas! Hope you have fun :)
Oh, you are BRILLIANT!!! *prints out both songs*

In case I haven't mentioned this before, your fannish holiday "cards" are, hands down, my favorite thing about Christmas in America. Thank you so, so much for writing these! :)

ETA and duh, I got so distracted by your skillful rhymes that I forgot to add: HAPPY HOLIDAYS, my friend! :)

Edited at 2009-12-25 05:48 am (UTC)
Awwwww, that's so sweet of you to say. =) I do really enjoy doing them even when I'm pulling my hair out and screaming, "WHY WON'T YOU RHYME?!"

You know, I've been thinking, when production on season 2 of White Collar resumes, we really need to find out where they'll be shooting and do a little stalking. ;-)
LOL - well, what's love without a bit of hair pulling? ;)

I will most happily join you in stalking that set. BRING IT ON!
Not one but two songs this year, and both are just great!
Thanks! The BSG song was actually started last year, but I just couldn't make it come together. I guess I needed the series to finish. ;)
Merry Christmas! :-D

LOVE LOVE LOVE for the White Collar song...didn't get into BSG, but WC, I am well and truly behind. ;-)

(And thanks for the clip...loved that EVERY ONE, yes, but that was ace.)

Have a great one! :-D

YAY! to another White Collar fan. :) I figured there would only be a handful of people on my Flist that would get both. ;)
Two songs? Hee :) The first is very apt - after all, it's a time for miracles and acts of sympathetic magic, and that's what would be needed to make an alliance acceptable :P

I hope you enjoy the holiday season, and have a great new year :)
As I mentioned above, the BSG song was started last year, but I couldn't make it work until they landed on earth. ;)

I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!
Ahahaha! I can't believe you made me like "Baby It's Cold Outside". Hilarious. :)))
Thanks! :) And I don't mind the song, but it depends on who sings it. Apparently Rod Stewart recently recorded a version and...NO.
AHAHHA! Fantastic, I don't really get the White Collar one so much, obviously (one day you have to explain to me why I should watch that show...) but the BSG one is genius. Rhythm-perfect and hilarious.

It's probably a good thing that White Collar didn't premiere until after you were safely back in Wales. ;p (But, yes, I shall have to convert you to that series as well.)

I can't say I wrote the line for you, but as soon as it popped into my head I thought, "beccatoria will LOVE this part!" ;)
Inspired and brilliant, as always. I had just been feeling there was a sort of hole in my holidays, and now I know exactly what it was I was missing. :) You are so clever, and I have so much fun singing along to these. Thank you!
Of insights and exploits, fast talk and charisma
Essentials that make Neal the con to know


(A belated happy holiday/happy new year!)