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Since Everyone Else is Doing It: The Post Holiday Recap Post

Christmas was not terribly exciting, but not aggravating either so I call it a win! On the gift front, my mother has officially given up on trying to surprise me. Blame my age, her lack of access to my amazon wish list (she doesn't have a computer) and fandom interests that will occasionally confuse her. Still, she gave me some cool/useful stuff - a cute little blue M&M statue, some kitchen items (which I'm growing to appreciate more as I aim to expand my cooking and baking skills), cocoa, a book about the making of the Thin Man films (which I may actually read!), a book on must-see movies, Guys and Dolls on DVD and a big check to help with DragonCon expenses. Yes, she plans well in advance for DC too!

From danceswithwords I received a GORGEOUS hand knit scarf. brynnmck gifted me with a very useful Amazon gift card, which amused me since I sent her an itunes card. Media junkies unite! sdwolfpup sent me yummy homemade holiday treats. And reckleslinguist gifted me with Bryce Larkin Season 1 of Chuck on DVD. I also got a whole bunch of lovely cards from you all, some with awesome family photos.

This extended weekend, I tried to relax as much as possible in anticipation of what could be the week from hell. I watched a bunch of movies and some TV. On Christmas Day, I brought a copy of Star Trek to my mom's and she was actually pretty eager to watch it. While she has been known to enjoy sci-fi films, she's always been a bit iffy on 'Trek' - loves Nimoy/hates Shatner. ;) Though she really perked up when Bruce Greenwood made his first appearance (and this also led to a lengthy discussion of the original Captain Pike's fate and Jeffrey Hunter's death at a young age). There were times I needed to explain aspects of the story and where things went AU, but she seemed to enjoy it nonetheless. Then we watched Enchanted for the umpteenth time and half watched Elf while we cleaned up the kitchen and family room and she inventoried the DVDs and CDs I bought her. Yes, seriously, she updated her lists on Christmas day.

Saturday, I watched TV and cleaned out a bunch of folders and binders (thus creating a big shredding pile) and reorganized and labeled them. First up in viewing was Purple Violets which I stumbled upon on HBO. I usually hate Edward Burns' films, but this one wasn't bad. Then there was disc one of Tru Calling, which, yes, I am Netflixing because Matt Bomer starred in the first season. I had been warned to expect the worst. As if Eliza Dushku starring wasn't enough of a warning. But, I have to say, it wasn't as terrible as I had anticipated. And Matt (who didn't show up until episode 4 - I should have looked at imdb more closely) was completely adorable (I even saw a Neal Caffrey move!) so I think watching the rest of the season won't be too painful.

Then there was Doctor Who, 'The End of Time Part 1' or whatever it's called. I don't have much to say about it. It felt both overstuffed and pointless and I'm hoping there is some great payoff in Part 2. And there was too much scenery chewing by a certain guest star. There were a few really nice character moments, Tennant even choked me up at bit at one point, and I would have preferred a smaller, more personal story rather than the everything but the sonic kitchen sink epic that RTD felt he had to create. If nothing else, at least I have a better understanding of the regeneration process now.

I capped the night with the uplifting Revolutionary Road. ;) I was so-so on Leo's work, but Kate Winslet was outstanding. Has anyone else seen the film? I'd really like to discuss the ending, which I keep going back and forth on in my head.

And today....OK, I'm having trouble recalling what I did today! There was much channel flipping and loafing. I did just finish watching Julie and Julia again. That film speaks to me on several levels. And I'm contemplating squeezing in some Chuck after I post.

I hope you all had terrific - or at least relatively stress free - holidays. If work doesn't suck too much life out of me, I want to try and get a short fandom in review post up this week. nolivingman posted a fannish year in review meme that I contemplated doing until I realized nearly all my answers would involve Battlestar Galactica, White Collar, and the actors who star in the shows. ;-)
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Sounds like you made a great haul :) (we'll hopefully have ours in the mail by the weekend).

The Thin Man book sounds great - don't worry, I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures so you won't have to read too much :)
Late reply, but no rush on the gift. Not everyone lives conveniently next to the ppost office. ;)
I watched Revolutionary Road earlier in the year, very powerful film, and her plight and fate really moved me ;__; I thought the last breakfast they had together was one of the most tense awkward scenes I had seen in my life.
I agree about the final scene between April and Frank. April broke my heart and I knew something horrible was about to happen. What I've been trying to decide is if the abortion was also a suicide. She knew that self aborting after twelve weeks was dangerous (though, really, doing something like that is dangerous at any time), but was she convinced it would lead to her death? If she wanted to be sure she died, pills or cutting her wrists would have seemed like better options. But it also would have been clear she meant to kill herself and that might not have been a memory she wanted to leave her children with. She didn't rush to call for an ambulance so I'm leaning towards she wanted to die, but her family is left with the impression that it was a horrible, and accidental, consequence of her actions rather than intentional.
I'm glad you had a good Christmas - I had a pretty great one too. Lots of DVDs and a few books I'll really enjoy, plus a game or two for my PSP. I'm not a huge gamer but they seem like easy, fun, silly games and since I travel a lot that's appreciated.


Also maybe next year I should actually send out cards or something. I don't generally because, well, I'm allergic to Christmas cards since in real life it always turns into some expensive mess of panic about who might have sent one to you that you didn't send one back to, but I don't know, every year since I've been on LJ I've sort of thought, "Oh, well, it would make sense to send them to THESE people..." so maybe next year.

My parents didn't give me anything as exciting as a cheque for DCon, but a major part of my late-birthday/early-Christmas present was the plane tickets to get to the US last October which was kind of like a mini Becka!Con with all the cool people I got to meet and hang out with. *prods you*

Still, though. ONE DAY. ONE DAY I shall maybe, possibly, hopefully get to DragonCon and it shall be glorious!
It occurred to me that I maybe should show my mom 'Shatner on the Mount', but I'm not sure how much of it she would get? ;p

I stopped with the Christmas card panic when I opted to send one to everyone I know and everyone I barely knew who asked for one. But it became so expensive as I kept meeting new people online! Maybe do something online next year? That way you'll feel like you're doing something without worrying about missing people?

If you ever make it to Dragon Con - and it will glorious! - you know you'll have a place to stay. ;-)

I'm not enthralled with the End of Time, but I'll be interested if they explore 10's fear of death. I'm re-watching the episodes with 9 (whom I much preferred) and he wasn't afraid: "Everything has its time, and everything dies."

It's quite a contrast to 10.
I haven't seen 'Who' with Nine in ages, but I do recall that his death/regeneration was less of a big deal so I really wanted an explanation as to why Ten is so fearful of 'dying'. We got a bit of that, but I want more. I fear it's more for a fandom that's come to see Tennant/Ten as THE Doctor than anything that is in keeping with the history of the series.
I just saw Revolutionary Road, but I wasn't too crazy about it. I may have just been in the wrong mood for it, but it seemed overly-predictable (my Mom called every single major plot point before it happened), and I couldn't quite tell if the movie itself was endorsing the idea that urban is just more meaningful than life in the culture-free suburban wasteland. Again though, I may have just been in the wrong frame of mind. What did you think?
I thought the performances, particularly Kate's, were stronger than the film as a whole. It was easy to seel that their brief bit of happiness was not going to last. And while I sympathized more with April, she wasn't blameless in their situation.

I've just been trying to figure out if April intended to kill herself at the end. My feeling is she didn't want to leave her children with the knowledge that their mother chose to end her life so she went ahead with the abortion believing it would look like a tragic accident instead.
It sounds as if you've had a generally relaxing weekend :) My parents have pretty much given up trying to surprise me as well - they've implemented a "give the family a list, or get money" policy, which is a bit of a shame.

Out of curiousity, how much of your M&M collection is self-bought compared to gifted from friends and family? I keep working out whether I should box stuff up/throw it out if I get a cat, or whether I should invest in some plexiglass to create covers for bookcases and shelving that has stuff on display but which I don't tend to touch that often.

I have a soft spot for Tru Calling, and I'm not sure why - I can't think while watching the show, or the plot holes drive me nuts. It does have Eliza running a lot though... karie22 sent me a link once to a description of how the second season would've played out if the show hadn't been cancelled after a few episodes, and it was rather interesting. They were certainly trying hard to get more out of the show concept...

This is the last full day my house guest is here, so I suspect I'll spend the rest of the week feeling sorry for myself and watching tv - but I have spent some time doing things like sorting my music vids folders out... which brings home just how geeky I appear to be!
At this point, I think more of the M&M collection is the result of gifts from friends and family rather than purchases I've made. I did pick up a few items at the M&M store in Times Square, but that's all I can recall buying myself this, er, last year. The majority of my collection is in the kitchen, on top of the cupboards which otherwise would be unused space, but I have quite a bit accumulating in the 'spare' room now.

I've noticed Eliza running A LOT in Tru Calling. I guess it's two fold. To showcase her 'assets' and spare the writers from having to work too hard. :p