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Since Everyone Else is Doing It: The Post Holiday Recap Post

Christmas was not terribly exciting, but not aggravating either so I call it a win! On the gift front, my mother has officially given up on trying to surprise me. Blame my age, her lack of access to my amazon wish list (she doesn't have a computer) and fandom interests that will occasionally confuse her. Still, she gave me some cool/useful stuff - a cute little blue M&M statue, some kitchen items (which I'm growing to appreciate more as I aim to expand my cooking and baking skills), cocoa, a book about the making of the Thin Man films (which I may actually read!), a book on must-see movies, Guys and Dolls on DVD and a big check to help with DragonCon expenses. Yes, she plans well in advance for DC too!

From danceswithwords I received a GORGEOUS hand knit scarf. brynnmck gifted me with a very useful Amazon gift card, which amused me since I sent her an itunes card. Media junkies unite! sdwolfpup sent me yummy homemade holiday treats. And reckleslinguist gifted me with Bryce Larkin Season 1 of Chuck on DVD. I also got a whole bunch of lovely cards from you all, some with awesome family photos.

This extended weekend, I tried to relax as much as possible in anticipation of what could be the week from hell. I watched a bunch of movies and some TV. On Christmas Day, I brought a copy of Star Trek to my mom's and she was actually pretty eager to watch it. While she has been known to enjoy sci-fi films, she's always been a bit iffy on 'Trek' - loves Nimoy/hates Shatner. ;) Though she really perked up when Bruce Greenwood made his first appearance (and this also led to a lengthy discussion of the original Captain Pike's fate and Jeffrey Hunter's death at a young age). There were times I needed to explain aspects of the story and where things went AU, but she seemed to enjoy it nonetheless. Then we watched Enchanted for the umpteenth time and half watched Elf while we cleaned up the kitchen and family room and she inventoried the DVDs and CDs I bought her. Yes, seriously, she updated her lists on Christmas day.

Saturday, I watched TV and cleaned out a bunch of folders and binders (thus creating a big shredding pile) and reorganized and labeled them. First up in viewing was Purple Violets which I stumbled upon on HBO. I usually hate Edward Burns' films, but this one wasn't bad. Then there was disc one of Tru Calling, which, yes, I am Netflixing because Matt Bomer starred in the first season. I had been warned to expect the worst. As if Eliza Dushku starring wasn't enough of a warning. But, I have to say, it wasn't as terrible as I had anticipated. And Matt (who didn't show up until episode 4 - I should have looked at imdb more closely) was completely adorable (I even saw a Neal Caffrey move!) so I think watching the rest of the season won't be too painful.

Then there was Doctor Who, 'The End of Time Part 1' or whatever it's called. I don't have much to say about it. It felt both overstuffed and pointless and I'm hoping there is some great payoff in Part 2. And there was too much scenery chewing by a certain guest star. There were a few really nice character moments, Tennant even choked me up at bit at one point, and I would have preferred a smaller, more personal story rather than the everything but the sonic kitchen sink epic that RTD felt he had to create. If nothing else, at least I have a better understanding of the regeneration process now.

I capped the night with the uplifting Revolutionary Road. ;) I was so-so on Leo's work, but Kate Winslet was outstanding. Has anyone else seen the film? I'd really like to discuss the ending, which I keep going back and forth on in my head.

And today....OK, I'm having trouble recalling what I did today! There was much channel flipping and loafing. I did just finish watching Julie and Julia again. That film speaks to me on several levels. And I'm contemplating squeezing in some Chuck after I post.

I hope you all had terrific - or at least relatively stress free - holidays. If work doesn't suck too much life out of me, I want to try and get a short fandom in review post up this week. nolivingman posted a fannish year in review meme that I contemplated doing until I realized nearly all my answers would involve Battlestar Galactica, White Collar, and the actors who star in the shows. ;-)
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