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Chuck 2.0

I have no Chuck icons so just imagine that's Bryce Larkin and not Neal Caffrey. ;)

I feel like I'm back where I left off with the show. I enjoy parts of it, but I'm not enamored with it as many are. Though I LOVE Zachery Levi's new haircut. I mean, it's not fabulous, but it's better than the weird helmet hair he's had for the past two seasons. I'm actually surprised there wasn't at least one throwaway line by someone remarking on his new hair. It seems his wardrobe got an upgrade as well.

Considering how many times over the last two seasons the general has threatened to have Chuck confined to an underground facility or killed I don't understand why the government would simply fire Chuck and let the Intersect roam about unguarded. Or are we back to the bad guys believing Bryce was the Intersect and he was killed after he destroyed the Intersect 2.0?

Emmet's death was a surprise. He was annoying, megalomaniacal and cruel, and I couldn't see him as manager of the Buy More long term, but death at the hands of an assassin seemed extreme.

I have to say I was a little sad to see Chuck, Morgan and Casey back at the Buy More. I don't know why they can't find Chuck a better cover job.

Chuck, Morgan, Casey, Ellie and Awesome all live within a few yards of each other now. Isn't that convenient!

My main problem with the show continues to be Sarah and Chuck. I'm frustrated that they aren't together, not because I care about them getting together, but because it MAKES NO SENSE. Sarah was involved with Bryce, which doesn't seem to have been a well kept secret. Now, everyone seems to know how Chuck and Sarah feel about each other and it even seems, to me, that the general could care less about what has or might happen between them. So can someone explain to me why they aren't together?

Casey continues to be awesome. He even seems to care a smidge about Chuck and his feelings. And I loved the sparring to 'Eye of the Tiger'.

And Morgan got the girl! Chuck, Morgan just did what you have not managed to do in two years. Actually, I was most impressed by Morgan just standing up to Carina and her 'friends'. He's really grown. I'm a bit shocked.

Is Brandon Routh's character supposed to be the asshole version of Bryce Larkin? I probably shouldn't judge by one clip, but that's the sense I got.
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