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'Southland' Tonight! And other TV musings.

A few premiere reminders for me and you:

Southland returns to the air/makes it's TNT debut tonight at 10:00pm est. Please tune in and help a deserving cast and crew enjoy some success while also helping to stick it to NBC. :) The premiere is commercial free and an extended cut of the original pilot.

Leverage returns tomorrow night at 10:00pm on TNT.

And one week from tonight, White Collar returns! New day (Tuesday). Old time (10:00pm est). Same awesome show. :) Unfortunately, it does run opposite Southland, but Bomer and company wins the battle for my attention. The DVR will be busy that night.

Castle returned last night. I enjoy the show, but really don't have much to say about it. Other than I wish the writers would work on the mystery of the week element. I hate having to wait 45 minutes for Castle and Beckett to determine who the killer is when I've figured it out 30 seconds after being introduced to the character.

This is my favorite of the three episodes that have aired thus far. There are two reasons for that. One, Chuck was shown to be a very adept, capable, and confidant spy. And, two, Devon getting pulled into the spy ring and being pretty, well, awesome.

There were also small, subtle moments I really enjoyed. Chuck being dropped off by helicopter and acting as if it is no big deal. Chuck's Buy More ID now resides in his CIA suitcase. It's as if being a Buy More employee is merely his cover now rather than who he is. Chuck telling Devon, "Don't touch anything", after he brought Devon into the Castle. Chuck was in Devon's position not too long ago and the beat showed how far Chuck has come. And I'm kind of a sucker for the dancing. It was also a nice replay of Sarah's Tango with Bryce.

While I didn't miss the Buy More at all in this episode (thanks to budget cuts not all the stars of the show can appear in all episodes), I did feel as if Morgan was noticeably absent. Morgan doesn't seem to do much without Chuck and now that he's Chuck's roommate he's living in the middle of spy central. He would definitely have some commentary as to everything that was going on around there.

I did have a few relatively small quibbles. For awhile I thought we were going to be given the gift of a Sarah/Chuck angst-free episode, but no such luck. At least it was downplayed much more than in Sunday nights episodes. The plot unraveled at the end. Given Chuck and Sarah were at the gala, and one would assume the dictator's security ran background checks on them, how could they slip by security disguised as a nurse and doctor? And Sarah's nurse's uniform was distracting and not in the way I think they intended. Have nurses worn that style of uniform since the 70s? Wouldn't the CIA and Sarah, as one of their top agents, be more tuned into what current uniforms look like?
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