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The lovely and talented sdwolfpup is hosting the Third Annual More Joy Day. Because, unlike her, I suck ;p I have no grand post to make. This pretty much happens every year. When will I learn??? And I have limited time today between work, TV tonight (New Bones! New 30 Rock! New Community I'll need to catch on Hulu!) and calling writteninstars back (which will bring me joy :), so if I don't get something posted now I shall miss contributing entirely!

First up, because I can never not mention White Collar and Matt Bomer enough...

Matt will be on Regis & Kelly (though I think Anderson Cooper is guest hosting) tomorrow.

USA has posted three new 'White Collar' promos - 'Critics', 'Explanatory' and 'Neal & Kate'. All three contain footage from numerous upcoming episodes so if you want to know nothing about what is to come, do not watch.

Trolling YouTube the other day I came across an entertaining White Collar/Neal-centric vid I had not seen before. I'm not a huge Elvis fan, but I love "A Little Less Conversation" and the vidder, ievaisjfik/Charlotte, does the song and series justice. I'm not sure how I feel about the color saturation, but the special effects work well.

And as dome of you know, my favorite movei musical is Singin in the Rain. No matter how crappy I'm feeling, watching this movie will make me feel better. If you can't watch it without smiling, well, you are dead inside. ;)

So here are my two favorite numbers from the film.....

Moses Supposes

Good Morning

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