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More Joy for More Joy Day

I'm not terribly familiar with festivids, but I'm learning thanks to my Friends List :). I've just watched a couple of awesome vids I have to recommend.

Let's Misbehave, a White Collar vid. I know, you're shocked! But the song choice is perfection, it's OT3 and the ending is brilliant.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, a Slings & Arrows vid. Just gorgeous and it makes me want to get my DVDs out and rewatch the series.
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The Slings & Arrows vid is fabulous, isn't it? *cherishes* I haven't officially recced it yet, I should get on that.
Thanks, those were great! It's getting me in the proper mood for when the series comes back next week.

I'm getting a yen to see Slings and Arrows again too. I could use a good laugh and a good cry :)