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Caprica (Mostly)

It's been awhile. At least since last Tuesday. :) I meant to catch up on posting/responding to comments this weekend, but I got sidetracked by other projects as well as crankiness. And now there is more crankiness! I'm counting on White Collar to help alleviate some of that. Don't fail me guys!

Friday night I *finally* watched Caprica. It wasn't rage inducing as I feared it might be. There were some good performances and some intriguing concepts presented. However, I did have issues. I know, you are stunned by this admission! The issues are not severe enough that I won't tune in again this Friday, but I'm unsure if I will stick with it or if I'll care enough to post about it.

The pilot didn't move me to meta, so these are the notes I jotted down as I watched:

- "So Say We All" is tied to the monotheists. That was sort of interesting. I always assumed it was a military chant, but not so much.

- The electronic paper was cool and I hazard to guess Apple is working on that for release in the next few years. But there's an internal logic problem. Caprica takes place 58 years before Battlestar Galactica so why did we never see this cool gizmo in BSG?

- Bill was called Willie as a child. Why? Why couldn't he have been Billy?

- So Daniel Graystone's company has gone a half a billion dollars over budget in the development of CYLON technology and has failed to create a working prototype. Yet his sixteen year old daughter has cracked artificial intelligence - possible even giving her creation a soul - on her home computer. Uh-Huh. This my friends is the one big WTF that will stop me from ever becoming invested as I did before.

- The pilot was too long and too redundant.

- There are no flowers on Tauron? That doesn't seem possible.

- That montage where Graystone and his wife are having sex, inter-cut with Joseph Adama weeping (like father, like son! ;) and the Cigarette Smoking Man getting his throat slit was either a homage to or ripoff of the 'Kobol's Last Gleaming' teaser.

- Caprican teens rebel by converting to monotheism. Seriously?

- OK, I will say, hearing "By your command" for the first time was chilling.

Ultimately, I think my problem with Caprica is it's a prequel. We know how the story ends. We know in 58 years these people will have died or will be facing a gruesome death (unless you are the great Bill Adama). So why should I care?

- I still feel Shaw is Bryce Larkin-lite. Part of me is even suspicious that had Matt Bomer not landed White Collar we'd be seeing Bryce heading up the team. Other than the dead wife and a dislike for guns, the characters are far too similar.

- I don't care what Sarah said, I still don't buy that Bryce is dead. ;p

- Morgan and Casey. I loved that Morgan was promoted to assistant manager, is embracing responsibility and doing a pretty good job. Last week, I didn't think he would go through with what needed to be done, firing Lester, but he did. This week, when he realized he was facing a challenge he couldn't meet on his own he turned to Casey. And, again, I was surprised as Casey agreed to help (I guess the lesson learned is he will take on any insurgency ;), seemed OK with being Morgan's "Ass Man" and even seemed proud to receive a raise for his efforts. I hope we see more Morgan/Casey interaction in the future.

- And was that concern I saw from Casey for Chuck's welfare when he learned the mission was on the plane rather than in Paris?

- OMG, I liked Kristin Kreuk! Maybe it was more Smallville's depiction of Lana and less her? Or maybe it was the new do. Hannah will probably turn out to be evil and Chuck will go back to moping about Sarah, but, in the meantime, I'll enjoy watching what develops.

- Chuck/Sarah - Make it stop! Their angst brings down every single episode. They need to be together or apart, permanently, and as soon as possible.
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