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This post is not entirely about 'White Collar'

It seems I've only been able to muster the energy to post about once a week. And usually that's after White Collar airs. But there was no new White Collar this week. Oh Noes! Fortunately, there has been a little thing going on called the Olympics, which I've watched more than I anticipated. Fabulous night for the United States last night. I'm not one to cheerlead for U.S. domination and I loathe the nightly medal counts. However, I must say, considering I can recall a time when the U.S. sucked at the winter games, I was very impressed by three gold medals won in a single day. I was also amused by Shaun White, standing at the top of the course, preparing for his second run...when he found out he didn't have to do it. Listening to his conversation with his coach, he clearly debated what he should do next. I'm glad he opted to perform the routine he intended to perform and beat his own gold medal winning performance. :)

And I may have been a bit weepy during Lindsey Vonn's post win interview. And I love that she didn't care how many medals she won or what color it was, she simply wanted to win one.

Leverage wrapped up it's second season last night. I haven't been talking about the series. I feel the second season, or at least the back half of it, was not as strong as the first season. Or perhaps, as is my tendency, I can only really focus on one show at a time, White Collar has become that show, and I failed to give Leverage the attention it deserved. I might feel differently on rewatch. I enjoyed the first season more after I had the opportunity to watch the episodes in order. But, without spoiling anything, I felt the closing moments of last night's episode crystallized my main problem with the season. I'm not sure they earned that moment (if you watched, hopefully you know what I'm referring to).

Speaking of White Collar. =) The White Collar writers started a twitter account yesterday, WCwriters, to give fans the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered. Jeff Eastin and some of the writers were already doing this to an extent, but I imagine this is an easier way for them to handle fandom and have feedback largely in one place. I wonder if they have any idea what they are in for? ;) For people fearful of spoilers, they are doing their best to be vague when asked about Season 2.

Given this awesome opportunity yesterday afternoon, I pretty much drew a blank on what to ask. I asked a couple general questions including if will we get to hear Matt/Neal sing again next season while not drugged up. We may get more of Matt singing in the gag real for the Season 1 DVDs. :) Then, last night, I remembered a question I very much wanted an answer to: "Does Neal still own The Greatest Cake?" I elaborated that it amuses me to think Neal Caffrey owns a legitimate business. (I may have also been curious for research purposes, but I'm not getting that with the writers.) The answer I received: "Does he ever!" WOO! It's kind of ridiculous how happy that makes me. :)

I haven't discussed Caprica since I watched the pilot. This week should determine whether I stick with it or not. I don't wish to be negative. You all know my largely positive feelings about Battlestar's finale. I have not foresaken Ron Moore's shows. And Caprica is not a bad show. I just don't find myself caring. nicole_anell posted her thoughts a couple weeks ago and she expressed many of the reasons I'm failing to get into the show. I immediately liked the characters on BSG (yes, even Bill Adama) and by the third episode I loved Lee and Laura. Soon after, I fell for Six and all her incarnations and really, really liked many others. With Caprica, I find Sam Adama kind-of intriguing and I like Eric Stoltz, though Daniel Graystone leaves me 'meh', and the rest of the characters are forgettable to me.

I also feel the series isn't sure who it wants it's audience to be. Are the going after a teen audience with a not very sympathetic teenage avatar as it's lead? Do teens care about spiritual crisis and religious extremists? Or is by focusing on the grief and troubled relationships of the Graystones and the Adamas is the series for adults? Do or don't Moore and Eick and Espenson care about the BSG audience? There has been a lot of press about how you need no knowledge of BSG in order to watch and understand caprica. Great, but what about those of us who watched the show faithfully? Already we're dealing with possible continuity issues - Willie's brown eyes, Joseph's mob ties (though Romo's dislike could be based on this and Lee's admiration is likely filtered through a child's view of a man who changed) and Cylon sentience born of Zoe and her home computer.

Ultimately, the prime reason I can't be bothered to care is, for me, canon is closed. I never had any interest in seeing what happened 58 years before the Cylons attacked the Colonies nor do I wish to see Bill and Tigh's adventures on earth. Unless Adama gets eaten by a tiger. :)

And not to be Ms. Doom and Gloom if you are enjoying Caprica, but I wouldn't expect a second season. The series was beaten in the ratings by 'Swamp Loggers' two weeks ago. Yeah, I never heard of the show either.
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I'm well aware I maybe entirely bitter when I say this, but I don't think Moore and/or Eick cared about their faithful fans at all given the 2nd half of BSG's 4th season. But this:

Ultimately, the prime reason I can't be bothered to care is, for me, canon is closed. I never had any interest in seeing what happened 58 years before the Cylons attacked the Colonies nor do I wish to see Bill and Tigh's adventures on earth.

is exactly my sentiment regarding the prequel. Combined with my discontent at the way show ended, I can't muster an iota of interest for Caprica. :(

Unless Adama gets eaten by a tiger.

\o/ You naughty naughty girl! \o/

Speaking of who's it's intended audience, I was mighty surprised (and a little amused) at seeing its promo on CW while waiting for Supernatural to come on.

Oh hell, beaten by Swamp Loggers?! What the heck is that?

OT: what's all the recent talk of Jamie and "Walking Dead" casting? What do you make of that? Any truth do you know?
Speaking of who's it's intended audience, I was mighty surprised (and a little amused) at seeing its promo on CW while waiting for Supernatural to come on.

It's funny that SyFy has done quite s bit of promotion for Caprica on other networks, more so than they did for BSG, yet they are getting half the ratings. As to what Caprica and Supernatural have in common - people looking for a series set outside of reality and a younger skewing/female skewing audience?

I have no clue what a swamp logger is! And have yet to muster the interest to look. ;)

Jamie did audition for a guest role on Mad Men, which is on AMC, so it's conceivable an exec or two from the network was sufficiently impressed with him, they kept him in mind for future projects and Walking Dead could be one of those projects. Right now casting is still in the rumor stage, but the pilot is scheduled to be filmed in May...and Jamie should be done shooting L&O:UK by then. :)
Hee these days I also only tend to post about White Collar and nothing much else. Trying to change that haha!
I tend to get in ruts. My LJ used to be mostly Battlestar Galactica. I need to work on changing my single-mindedness too! ;)
I had been getting Caprica the day after it aired and watching it then, but I was too busy and forgot to do so a few weeks ago and... haven't bothered since. I haven't missed it. Interesting premise, interesting actors, not-so-interesting execution.

(Although, Swamp Loggers??? Really??? Oh, dear.)
I watched this weeks episode and still failed to get involved. The pacing is glacial and I'm unsure what they are building towards. I don't hate any of the characters, but I don't care about any of them either. I feel as if the show tries too hard to be familiar, such as having the Graystones appear on a talk show with a host who's part Jay Leno/part FOX news personality. And then there are simply odd moments, like seeing Cylon!Zoe dancing. O_o

Maybe I'll catch it on Hulu when I'm at work. It does rate above giving work my full attention. ;)
I'm one of those people who's never even heard of Swamp Loggers, but already values it more than Caprica.

On the other hand, word on the zombie net is that Jamie Bamber is in the running - possibly even the favourite - for the lead role of Rick Grimes in the Walking Dead. I'm not sure I even want to think about that for fear that I'll jinx it - I've read every issue of The Walking Dead, and Jamie would be absolutely superb about it. Given that it's a zombie comic that's actually about the survivors and the choices they have to make, it'd be a superb role for him.
Of course, I heard about Jamie. ;-) zegeekgirl emailed me as soon as she read the news and asked if it was OK to post to Bamber News since it was a rumor. She, too, has read the comics and agrees with your assessment of how he would do in the role. I'm willing to support (almost) anything that brings him back to US TV. I'm selfish that way. ;)
Caprica is growing on me, though I'm definitely not as passionate about it as I was BSG. That might change, I don't know yet. I do think, though, that the question isn't so much about whether or not TPTB care about the BSG audience; I think from the outset the whole concept of the show has been one where they realize that it would be futile to try and catch lightning in a bottle twice so they're not aiming to create the same atmosphere that obviously spoke to a lot of people. They're trying something different, and that's going to appeal to some people and not to others. Which is a risk, surely, but one that could pay off in the long run. The ratings thing is not looking good at the moment, but Siffy ran out this week and stated that they're commited to the show, so who knows? They've got a lot of plates spinning at the moment so maybe they figure they can afford to lose numbers on Friday night, just like everyone else.
I saw the SyFy spinners at it. ;) If Caprica hasn't wrapped filming for the season, they are close to doing it and since cable networks generally air all filmed episodes (and SyFy is the network that aired all of the terrible, awful, very bad Flash Gordon) I do believe that the Season 1 will air in it's entirety. But if the ratings don't improve or, worse, get worse, there is no way it's coming back for a second season.

I'm trying very hard to not compare Caprica to BSG because, I agree, they are two very different shows. And I do feel it's a well produced and acted series. But I do need to care about the characters and I don't. I'll likely try catching it on Hulu for a while longer, but I don't feel compelled to watch as it airs.
I think you nailed a huge part of the reason why I simply cannot watch Caprica. I am not connecting with ANY of the characters. That's never good in what was being put forth as a sci-fi soap opera set in the not-so-distant future.

Swamp Loggers? There's such a thing as swamp loggers and they make a show about it? Really? Astounding.
I absolutely have to care about the characters to care about the series. And while I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to pilots because the writers are still finding their way with the characters and plot, by this time I should be hooked and am not.
Thanks for taking time out on your birthday to reply, oh fabulous birthday girl! Hope you have a fantastic day and an even better year!

And yes, these characters just aren't moving me. I have zero investment in Zoe's plight, nor the monotheism, nor any of the plans within plans. The "fraks" and "Gods" etc, have felt pigeon-holed in, too. They don't flow naturally from the actors' lips, like they're all still confused to suddenly find themselves in the BSGverse. BSG's set up felt totally believable. The actors completely sold me, and it felt like watching a documentary. This just feels...silly.
New White Collar tomorrow, so if I didn't catch up on replies tonight... ;)

I feel there are forced BSG moments, like this week they included the theme music from the original BSG which seemed cool when they did it on the new BSG, but seems redundant on Caprica. Plus, including BSG moments seems in conflict with attempting to distance themselves from BSG. They're trying to have their cake and eat it to, but failing to fully succeed as a spin off or original series.