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Matt Bomer on Broadway?!

EEP! Matt Bomer is part of a workshop for a possibly Broadway bound production of the last Rat Pack film, Robin and the Seven Hoods. He's playing the Frank Sinatra role! He talks about it HERE at Broadway TV. (Sorry, the embed code doesn't seem to be working on the site.)

Words are failing me as to how to convey how excited this news makes me. no_detective, WE ARE SO GOING IF THIS HAPPENS!

And a reminder that in addition to White Collar this evening, the second season of Southland launches. The scheduling gods hate us and have the two shows opposite each other, but you can watch one live and DVR the other. I think you know which I'll be watching live. ;)

Also, a belated THANK YOU to all those last week who sent me emails, tweets, LJ cupcakes and balloons on my birthday. I appreciated it all and did not forget about you! I've just sucked at posting the past couple weeks. :p
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I've managed to see the pilot and first ep of the show and I was right, I LOVE IT!!!!

Matt Bomer is ridiculously pretty it has to be said. I'm loving all the characters so far (except Kate, who I already can't stand and want to yell at the screen when her story takes up time in the show that could be used ot have more Mozzie for example) and just wish I could get me more episodes to watch already *g*

I won't spoil anything for you, but you will definitely get more Mozzie. :) And I don't hate Kate, but I don't get why Neal is so enamored with her. The casting is a bit of a problem. Did he meet her when she was 12???
Sorry I missed your birthday! I hope it was lovely. Best wishes, my dear. :)

And OMG WE ARE SO GOING, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. We might have to see it more than once, come to think of it...

Yay theatre!!!
No worries about the birthday. It's not a big thing at my age. ;) I just felt bad that I missed thanking some folks.

I did some Googling on the show and saw it was opening in Spring 2010 and thought, "That can't be right." Then I noticed the date on the article was July 2008. :/ So it would seem the show has had some issues. But maybe with rewrites and having what we know would be an awesome lead will get it on Broadway. ::hopes::

And we would DEFINITELY see it more than once. :D
Oh please let it be the end of this year please let it be the end of this year please! I may have a chance to watch it if it happens and all *fingers tightly crossed*
The articles I found on the production were from July 2008 and they said the show was opening this spring. Obviously not happening. Assuming it comes together in the workshop, there are issues of finding financing, a theatre, do they want to do an out of town trial run? So, who knows when it could actually open? Then there's Matt's filming on White Collar. So many variables! But I'll definitely keep my eyes open. As will my friend no_detective who lives in New York and knows theatre so we should have the basis covered! :)

::uses own movie star icon::