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Matt Bomer on Broadway?!

EEP! Matt Bomer is part of a workshop for a possibly Broadway bound production of the last Rat Pack film, Robin and the Seven Hoods. He's playing the Frank Sinatra role! He talks about it HERE at Broadway TV. (Sorry, the embed code doesn't seem to be working on the site.)

Words are failing me as to how to convey how excited this news makes me. no_detective, WE ARE SO GOING IF THIS HAPPENS!

And a reminder that in addition to White Collar this evening, the second season of Southland launches. The scheduling gods hate us and have the two shows opposite each other, but you can watch one live and DVR the other. I think you know which I'll be watching live. ;)

Also, a belated THANK YOU to all those last week who sent me emails, tweets, LJ cupcakes and balloons on my birthday. I appreciated it all and did not forget about you! I've just sucked at posting the past couple weeks. :p
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