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Alias Season 2 Musings

And since my musings lead to a discussion and speculation on Season 3 which some of you may not have seen yet, I present, the .

Some of you may recall my bitching and complaining about Francie last season. Followed by my bitching and complaining about EvilFrancie (later to be known as Allison). Well, rewatching the first two seasons I realize I miss having Merrin Dungey around on a weekly basis. Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe I hate seeing Syd lose her loved ones one by one. Maybe Merrin is a better actress then I had remembered. Or perhaps it's her personality. Listening to the commentaries and watching the making of 'The Telling' I found myself really liking her and feeling sorry she lost out on a full time job.

I know we all lament the loss of Lena/Irina, but more fascinating then her storyline could have been Will's. He was a frame-up and stabbing away from being a senior CIA analyst. He had quickly become a valuable asset to them and he seemed to love the work. It would have been great to see him continue on, perhaps even becoming an agent one day.

And what was the deal with Allison breaking down in tears after stabbing Will? She had shown no emotion at all up until that moment. Was it the realization of what she had become (after seeing that picture of the innocent child she was)? Or did she really love Will?

I found myself making a lot of observations regarding Sloane and the Rambaldi hunt. Several mentions are made about Rambaldi's interest in immortality. We've witnessed this season Allison's inability to be killed. We also have Sloane's heading some world health organization. Coincidence? I think not.

We still don't know what exactly was written in that Rambaldi document David Carridine handed to Sloane after his thirty year quest. (On a side note, Irina states to Syd after a *twenty* year absence from her life "I've been waiting thirty years for this." Maybe it really was Irina's intent all along to reacquaint herself with her daughter and take down Sloane?)

Back to Sloane - his "journey has just begun". Makes me believe he's responsible for much of what we have been seeing this season including Syd's two year absence. In 'The Telling', Sloane makes Jack an offer. He states that Rambaldi's artifacts are more than a window to the past and that he's one move away from proving it's more than that. This time, Sydney won't be a pawn in the venture. Hmmm. Seems to me he needed Sydney involved in his plan and there was no way in Hell she would have helped him willingly. For all we know, before Syd arrived home that fateful night, Allison could have contacted Sloane and a plan was put into motion to snatch her.

On the flip side of all this, is Irina who tries to warn Syd about her importance. She tells her that while Sloane believes he is 'chosen', Syd's the one in the prophecy. Sloane may have felt he was chosen to fulfill Rambaldi's prophecies but also wise enough to know that Syd was key to that fulfillment.

Oh, and in 'The Telling' they assemble 47 Rambaldi artifacts. There's the mysterious number 47 again.

I hear that upcoming episodes may reveal answers to a lot of the questions we all have. Translated, I'll discover my 'theories' are all wrong once again. :p

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