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White Collar: Out of the Box

Or should we say into the box in Kate's case? Sorry. Bad joke. ;)

I don't believe Kate's dead. If she is dead, I will be very disappointed. Not because I love the character (she's been nothing more than a McGuffin all season), but because I want Neal to see Kate again, really be with her, and realize the truth. Elizabeth verbalized what I've felt all season and what Neal needs to face. Neal is in love with ideal and not who Kate truly is.

Tellingly, When Moz confronts Neal with the idea of settling down with Kate, buying a fixer upper, and joining the PTA, Neal seems genuinely happy at the thought. While Neal would never be the typical soccer dad, I can see him with a family. It's possible he is longing for something he didn't have and he's convinced himself, or Kate has convinced him, that she's the one he can have that life with. Again, he's focused on an ideal rather than reality.

Even with my doubts about Kate and her motives, I do not believe her to be evil. It's even possible she wasn't willingly acting as bait to get Neal on the plane. (I'm not even sure Neal was meant to get on the plane. I find it difficult to believe a timer was used when they couldn't be certain exactly when Neal would board. Or maybe part of the plan is to convince Neal that Kate is dead? Though I have no clue why.) I'm willing to believe Neal is right and Kate is being manipulated. And if she's too weak to fight back that doesn't make her a horrible person. But her actions, or in-actions, tell me she is not The One for Neal.

Ultimately, I want Kate to be alive because I want to see Neal make the choice we didn't get to see him make when the plane exploded. I want him to realize Peter was right. He has friends, people who care about him, and he's done some really good work to help people. He's built a life and home for himself and he's where he should be, regardless of the ankle monitor. I want Neal to embrace the man he's becoming because he wants to be that person and not settle because the life he thought he wanted was taken from him.

Peter and Neal were more upfront with each other than they had ever been before. The past several episodes I've felt they've continually been taking a step forward instead of one forward, then two back. Peter confronted Neal about his meeting with Fowler; Neal didn't make up any excuse as to what the meeting was about. When Fowler targeted Elizabeth (and I have never felt such rage as that moment Fowler walked into her business and started threatening her) to get to Peter, Neal showed Peter the tracker had been deactivated. Neal was honest with Peter at every turn and Peter used his suspension as a loophole to not turn Neal in and allow Neal to (hopefully) make the right choice.

At this point, I'm not thinking too much about Mentor or the music box. We know there's a second, encrypted file that Neal was not privy too that will likely reveal more of the truth of the operation. I believe it will all make sense eventually. One thing I do wonder about is who is the target? Neal? Peter? Both? Peter took Neal up on his offer to consult with the FBI, but someone higher up had to sign off on the arrangement.

And Fowler stated to Peter and Diana that Mentor, and thus the OPR deal, were legit. Fowler could have been lying, but, if any part of the deal was legal, could Neal be a free man or at least free of the anklet next season? Neal now has a personal reason to stay with the FBI - find out who killed (maybe) Kate and who tried to kill him. (Though I assume we'd have a quick answer as to whether or not Kate was on the plane. The fire was bad, but there would be some remains.) I would be interested to see Neal make a choice to stay with the FBI.

I hope (and suspect) we will see more of Alex next season. Gloria and Matt have incredible chemistry. And we still don't know quite how well Alex and Neal know each other. I keep going back and forth as to how intimate they were.

While I like Alex, and her relationship with Neal intrigues me, I don't trust her. I can accept she cares about Neal and would be interested in pursuing (or rekindling) a relationship. Just because she's a con, doesn't mean she can't have feelings (like Neal). But her bringing back the music box for Neal seemed too easy. I have to wonder if she took what is really valuable from the box while she had it for...several hours? Remember, we had hints the box was wanted for what it contained.

Perhaps she's working a side deal with some third or forth party we are unaware of. It's also plausible she doesn't want to have to deal with what Fowler and whoever he's working for could bring down upon her. But if she did take something from the box, my feeling is her plan is to keep it until she feels it's safe to attempt to sell and that will bring Neal back into her orbit after he (presumably) has wised up about Kate. She's working on a win/win situation for herself.

While the pool scene was great, Shirtless Neal + Sculpting = HOT. Maybe it has to do with my art background and that I love watching people being creative, but....GUH.

Diana is back! And she has a girlfriend! I love they included that bit. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of her.

I may have squeed when I heard Mozzie tell Neal, "As the proprietor of The Greatest Cake, I expect a glowing recommendation." It's probably irrational as to how much I love the idea of Neal owning a bakery and legitimate business, BUT I DON'T CARE!

There was dialogue cut between Neal and Elizabeth, including Elizabeth asking Neal why they couldn't have had their conversation in person. Given Neal's confession to Peter as to why he didn't wish to see him before he left, could Neal have also believed Elizabeth was capable of stopping him? Talking to her and Peter face to face, I think Neal *knew* he could be swayed.

And while I don't fault Peter for his continued efforts to, to his mind, protect Neal, when the woman he loved was threatened and used to get to him, Peter was able to put himself in Neal's shoes and realize the situation isn't so clear.

I loved Peter referring to Alex and Mozzie (and, acting as lookout, June ;) as Neal's "crew". Since Peter has Jones, Lauren and Diana, there's a nice balance to each man having his own team. And I enjoyed watching Neal and his crew in action, though I wish the heist was written a bit better. I knew right away the tools were in the statue. And the success of Neal's plan hinged on consulate people acting dumb. No one deduced the 'fire' started shortly after Neal declared his intentions was part of his plan? And all they needed to do was keep one person at the door to screw up the plan.

It didn't hit me until about an hour after I watched the episode that Neal's 'old friend' at the Channing Museum who owed him a favor was the curator in 'The Portrait'. I adore continuity. :)

Now my hiatus goals include writing my epic fic before canon screws me. I'll have to do a bit of glossing over, but waiting until the season ended also helped in some ways. And I will have some piece of equipment with Blu-ray capability before the Season 1 DVDs come out. ;)
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wow your good never thought of that person from the channing who owed neal a favor. I like the reviews i have read all day that are long and really break the eps apart. Everyones saying what I wish I could say but I would totally babble it.
Hey, being long winded just takes years of fandom involvement and LOTS of practice. ;) Thanks for reading!
Lol I love the bakery mention too, so cute to think of Neal having a legitimate business. I hope they remember the bakery in S2!

I am still torn on Kate being evil or not. On the one hand she is still
so mysterious but on the other hand I really doubt she is truly evil when it comes to Neal. Maybe before this whole saga she may have thought she can still have something nice and romantic with Neal but she perhaps also has other concerns now. Like you I want to see Neal realize Peter is right and he would make the decision himself.

The threatening Elizabeth scene is probably the hardest scene I ever have to watch for this show. Oh show please don't hurt her again.

I did not catch the Channing museum reference cos I was too busy wondering what would happen next haha. Definitely need to rewatch!

Looking forward to your fic and I agree with you on the heist being too easy.
I hope they remember the bakery in S2!

If Neal is free from the FBI, at least temporarily, maybe they can have their meetings there? :)

The scene with Elizabeth and Fowler made me very uncomfortable. I understand it was necessary for the story, but I don't like seeing women threatened like that.
Hey so I just watched the whole thing last night. I was disappointed that we didnt find out what was INSIDE the box! I thought that's what Neal was really after too--the something in it.

I really like all the relationships on this show. I thought Peter and Diana had a lovely natural chemistry as colleagues and Alex and Neal were pretty smoking.

When they first showed the statue Neal was working on, for a hot second I thought it was Mozzie posing for him or something! YIKES! Hee.

So I think the plane thing was absolutely a fakeout because once you kill Kate, the whole thrust of Neal's story is nipped in the bud prematurely. I don't know whether it will turn out that everyone (Peter, Eliz., Mozzie, etc.) is right about Kate or if they'll make it a twist that she really does love him and care about him and has nothing but good intentions at heart. But either way, that storyline can't be over or we'll all feel a bit cheated.

The shippy romantic side of me would like to see them develop an ongoing friendship for Neal that could ultimately turn to romance if Kate's a no-goodnik. (Er, other than Peter, as that's never going to be textual with Elizabeth in the picture.) But we'll see... Alex could potentially fill that role maybe if they keep bringing her back but...I'd like to see him meet someone new in his new life.
When they first showed the statue Neal was working on, for a hot second I thought it was Mozzie posing for him or something! YIKES!

I love Moz, but I don't ever want to see that much of him on the show. Though the Neal/Moz shippers would love it. ;)

I want to believe Kate loves Neal. Maybe she doesn't love him as much as he loves her. Maybe she can be manipulated when he would be steadfast, but if she were to be one of the bad guys and has been playing Neal for a long time, that would break my heart because it would break Neal's. She can not be the woman he thought she was without being evil.
I've given myself a good several days to ponder this before replying, and I still can't bring myself down on one side of the Kate/death issue or the other. I completely agree that it would feel like an emotional jip to just kill her off without some kind of resolution between her and Neal that defines, or at the very least clears up, how she really feels about him. But on the other hand - and this is just a personal pet peeve - part of me is so over things exploding/people getting shot and then not having the writing follow through on that to some degree. When Vaughn got shot at the top of Alias S5, I thought for a hot minute that they were actually going to follow through until we got to the closed casket funeral, at which point I was fully on the "Oh, he's alive, just wait" train until the big reveal (which felt like it took foreverrrrr to get to). And then with BSG, say what you will about where they took Kara's character after she returned - all arguments, pro or con, are totally valid - but she did die in that explosion, which from the perspective of not having it be a complete fake-out, I still respect in a sense.

Then again, maybe these are bad examples because these are both characters that had a great amount of backstory and development that lead them to those points; with Kate, we've had virtually nothing except that Neal's in love with her and everyone else thinks she's bad news. I dunno, I'm tired and my blood sugar is low. Maybe I could use a Greatest Cake cupcake or something. ;)
If we knew much more about Kate (whether she is good, bad or somewhere in between), if we had a relationship with her, I would be more inclined to believe she was dead. But her death now, when she's such an unknown, lacks drama. Sure, Neal is going to be devastated if we begin the season with him believing she's dead, but the audience isn't going to do more than shrug.