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White Collar 2.0 Thoughts (and a Chuck rant)

Upon my third viewing of 'Out of the Box' I had some additional observations and questions.

I mentioned in my previous post I appreciated that, in Fowler going after Elizabeth, Peter was able to empathize a bit with Neal and his unwavering fight to be reunited with Kate. Peter tells Neal, "We all have our weaknesses. Kate's yours." And it isn't long before we see that Elizabeth is Peter's weakness and, like Neal, he'll do stupid things for the woman he loves, like punching Fowler.

I totally missed that Neal didn't specify where Fowler should meet him at midnight when he called his office because he knew Fowler could track him via the ankle monitor and see where they were to meet. Which brings me to...

Stupid Neal Moment Not Involving Kate #1: If Neal knows Peter frequently tracks his moves via the ankle monitoring data, then how could he have been at all surprised to hear that Peter was at the parking garage when he met with Fowler? I really wish there had been a throw away comment along the lines of, "I just knew you'd be there."

Now that Kate has (supposedly) been blown up, I wonder if Peter will change his tune in regards to, "You're fooling yourself if you think Kate is on your side."

The music during the sculpting scene was awesome. I was a little too distracted during first viewing to truly appreciate it. ;)

The music box is kind of ugly. Or maybe I just feel it is because I hate gold and amber.

Stupid Neal Moment Not Involving Kate #2: Letting Alex pick his pocket. He obviously was thinking "WTF?" when she went to hug him so it didn't occur to him she was trying to take something off of him?

And speaking of Alex, if she has a real interest in being with Neal (and I think she does) then keeping the music box from him would have been a huge mistake. He wouldn't have been able to forgive her for, to his mind, taking away his one chance of being with Kate.

I can't believe this didn't hit me sooner. Neal, who was leaving his old life behind, starting over with a new identity and didn't think he was ever going to see Peter again, was taking his FBI consultant ID with him. That means it and what it stood for (being one of the 'good guys') really meant something to him.

Not that I know anything about explosives (Really!), but I was trying to work out the timing of the explosion. We see Kate look out the window, Neal starts walking towards the plane, he stops, turns around and says, "Peter", just before BOOM. I still think there was enough time for her to exit and run before the bomb blew.

I was really enjoying last night's Chuck up until the last ten minutes. Right before Alex/Casey's call with his fiance was cut off she said she had something to tell him. As they cut back to present day I was thinking, "Oh, PLEASE, don't let us find out he has a child he never knew about!" Then Alex ran in. ::head desk:: I just cannot believe they went there. Right after adding babies, the plot development I hate most is introducing a child the character never knew about. It's just SO soapish and, imho, lazy character development. Casey may have not opted to try to reconnect with his past, but we know at some point he has too or else he'll be an asshole father. And he can't use the argument that by staying away he's protecting her because he's no longer working for the government! Another lame ass plot twist that we know will only last a few weeks, if that. Just when it was nice to see the team working together again Shaw-free.

As far as the plot, the Big Important Pill turned out to be a dude. Either the effects are super short term or can be underminded by the power of love. Blech. And Awesome did an awesome job flip-flopping on Doctors Without Borders. Why even bother to make it an issue? Sigh.

I'm probably sounding like I hate the show, I don't. I enjoy it enough, but I'm just far from being in awe of it as the critics seem to be. And there is that even with NBC's abysmal scheduling situation the show may not be picked up for a fourth season. Sadly, I can't really say I care. :/

And thank you shaney for the squirrels! And you didn't even know I like squirrels! :)

I'm pretty sure I abused "And" in this post. Sorry! I'll try better next time.
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