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I Had a Clever Title, But Forgot It

Long time, no post. I've come to the conclusion (AKA as "DUH") that without one of my primary fandoms to talk about (Battlestar Galactica, White Collar) I'm not terribly motivated to post. This wasn't always the case. I use to talk about every show I watched, even if it was just quick thoughts. While my social networking habits have changed (I email more, I tweet), I also think my viewing habits have changed. I don't know if it's that I just don't care to invest as much time in TV or TV discussion or if shows are currently underwhelming me. House I catch weeks later on Hulu, if at all. Chuck is such a mix bag that I think I refrain from posting because I fear sounding bitchy. (Accept I must say, Brandon Routh, you suck and need to find another career.) The Office and 30 Rock are showing there age. Castle, while I agree with my friends who say it does a kick ass job with the female characters, I'm still no fan of Stana and the plots make White Collar's look brilliant. So (somewhat) engaging me?

I'm struggling with The Pacific. Admittedly, I only - and very belatedly - started watching Band of Brothers to catch Jamie Bamber's two minutes of screentime. But, as I waited for him to appear on screen, I found myself growing interested in, and caring about, the other characters. And there were a lot of characters to care about. But four episodes in, the few characters we've had to focus on, and the horrifying situations they have had to deal with, are leaving me cold. It didn't help that I learned the relationship depicted in the third episode, which I felt came off as a Hollywoodized, was a work of fiction. The Pacific is a series I feel is important. I know far less about the war in the Pacific than the one in Europe and there is an opportunity to be educated. The production is exceedingly well done. Yet, I don't care.

Justified has lived up the the hype, even if last weeks episode suffered from Dumb Criminal Syndrom. I've never had strong feelings, good or bad, for Timothy Olyphant as an actor, but watching his performance as Raylan Givens I'm struck that it's a role he was born to play.

I finished watching the first season of The Wire. The story felt as if it was wrapped up a little too quickly, but given there was a lot more closure than I anticipated, I got the impression they didn't know if a second season was in the cards. Continuity whore that I am, I appreciated the moments that hearkened back to the early episodes. And I liked how success was depicted as not necessarily being what you expected it or desired it to be. Many people went to prison and most people on the outside would look at it as a stunning victory on the war on drugs. But as Avon and his soldiers are sentenced, we see many more are left to continue the drug trade. And, with the exception of Freamon, the detectives either return to the jobs they had before or are punished for their efforts.

I caught the first episode of Season 2 on In Demand last night and I'm intrigued as to where the arc may go.

There's a new Doctor, did you hear? ;) I don't know if I'll be 'acquiring' the episodes each week. BBC America is broadcasting the episodes only two weeks after they air in the U.K. and while I like the show, I don't LOVE the show, and don't yet know how anxious I am to see each new episode. I just didn't want to be out of the loop during the premiere.

Given that I was never invested in Tennant's Ten, I considered myself fairly open to the new guy, though what I had seen in promos was not making me incredibly optimistic. Turns out, Matt Smith is a pretty good Doctor. I've seen people remark he was channeling Tennant's Ten a bit too much, but, to me, it seemed a natural part of the regeneration process. As someone on my Flist pointed out (sorry, I can't remember who), Ten slept through much of his regeneration so I can at least hand wave why we didn't see much, if any, of Nine in him. (For those who don't know, my 'Who' knowledge doesn't go much beyond Nine, so if the personality overlap is completely new it could turn out to be an issue in Matt's performance or a result of Moffat trying to put a new spin on the process or an acknowledgment of Ten's lasting imprint on the franchise.)

There were numerous tweeks, both small and large, by Moffat. I can't say the new music or graphics bothered me, perhaps because I felt they weren't very radical. I'm a little confused as to why the TARDIS regenerated with a new look. I don't recall it changing much, if at all, when Nine became Ten. It also, oddly, to me, seemed smaller. And this may be the self-centered American in me, so, apologies ;), but the show looked more like a U.S. production than a BBC production. It had, as shaney put it, a more polished look.

Moffat continues to write creepy otherworldly entities better than anyone else in the Whoverse. The Doctor's warning to 'not look at it from the corner of your eye' immediately reminded me of the statues in 'Blink'.

Not as creepy, but potentially as emotionally scarring, is the Doctor's lousy sense of time. We're once again seeing the effect the Doctor's failed promises have on others. I wish a direct comparison had been made between his disappearing and reappearing from Amy's life and Madame de Pompadour's in 'The Girl in the Fireplace'.

I really liked Amy. She could rival Donna in my affections! She was intrigued by the Doctor, but not enamored with him, THANK GOD. The wedding twist was rather lame. I suspect she's going to miss her wedding, but we've been there/done that with Donna. And Mickey ended up a suspect in Rose's year long disappearance. I hope Rory fairs better.

Thursday I will be flying to Seattle for bitchinparty and not only will I be meeting up with friends there, but, as luck would have it, other friends will be hanging around the hotel. Woo! I'll be back home Monday night. Knowing my luck, AMC will announce whether or not Jamie has been cast in The Walking Dead when I'm not tethered to a computer.

I had a shockingly productive weekend! Just to pat myself on the back, the things I accomplished:

- Picked out and ordered new glasses
- Did massive amounts of laundry in preparation for going out of town
- Folded and put away said laundry right away (trust me, this is a big deal)
- Cleaned living room and kitchen
- Did some minor Flist/Comms cleaning
- Emailed everyone I needed to about trip
- Cleaned off the backlog on the DVR
- Did my taxes. WOO!
- Paid my bills
- Cleaned out some drawers and storage containers and put stuff together that should be together rather than in three or four different places (I had Star Wars buttons and didn't know it!)
- Changed the ink on the printer
- Printed out travel information
- Turned on VAIO laptop for first time in a month. Updated a bunch of programs. Oops.
- Started this post

Oh, I figured out the problem with Flashforward. Surprisingly, not Joseph Fiennes, though he is a rather weak lead. The problem is the characters spend about half of each episode flashing back to their flashforwards. Or talking about their flashforwards. Discussing ways to avoid what happened in their flashforwards. And obsessing over their flashforwards. This is not only redundant, but makes for incredibly boring TV viewing as we watch the same scenes replay over and over and over again. The premise is intriguing and could have, possibly, played out successfully as a mini series, but it's time for ABC to cut it's losses.

ETA: I failed to originally mention Friday Night Lights. I hope to feel compelled to post about it when it airs on NBC. I already have notes! I may have acquired it already. ;)
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The college thing is so intriguing. Does he want to run his drug business better? Or does he have aspirations of some day running a legitimate business?
The character development is awesome. Characters I thought I would hate I like. And characters I should loathe I love.

One non-spoilery comment about Stringer in the Season 2 premiere. There's a shot of him in a tailored suit and coat and your crush is not totally crazy. ;)
Wow that was a lot of things accomplished in the weekend! Good for you :)

I agree with you re: Flashforward. Actually the return of the show has taken away many of my issues with the character, Mark. He's not douchey, he is a lot more focused, and I like that in a lead character. What I don't like now is all the meandering over whether they should try to do this or do that or not do anything. Liek, just do something! It was a great show at the beginning with lots of potential, then it got lost in the mazes of plots, and there are just simply too many sub stories I do not care about.
I don't want to see Mark die any longer. It's an improvement. ;)

And, EXACTLY! They're so busy obsessing on what could be that the only forward momentum we are getting is due to guest stars of the week taking action. Only Demetri seems to be dealing (somewhat) logically with the situation. He's trying to change his fate - who can blame him - but he's also come to accept that it may be out of his hands. Not sure how I felt about his offer to be Janis's baby daddy. At least she remembered she was a lesbian. :p

I'm wondering if the threat of another flashforward is the writers way of threatening us with a second season?
I really know what you mean about not having the motivation to post. For me, I guess that Fringe has taken the place of BSG as my primary fandom, if I have one, but I'm just not (yet?) motivated to make weekly posts about it and it's not...a show I'm obsessed with. There's a feeling of...well what would I post about? I don't watch much else. I guess I catch Bones occasionally (but again, not with regularlity). Sometimes Kev and I watch V, but we're already two episodes behind, and I am about four episodes behind with Star War: the Clone Wars which is a dumb animated show I don't really think is that awesome anyway. THE STATE OF MY FANDOM. D:

But it is great to hear from you, and I hope you have an awesome time in Seattle. I haven't watched Doctor Who yet, mainly cus I was so scarred by Tennant's tenure I kind of detached and am sort of...waiting to see if he gets good reviews or not, though initial reviews do look promising.

The TARDIS changing looks has happened a number of times over the years, and it's supposed to represent the doctor, so really it's more that it should have changed between Eccleston and Tennant and probably the BBC didn't have the budget/didn't want to change the iconic set after only 13 episodes of the big revival rather than the change being weird now.

I guess we're all just feeling a little disconnected from posting right now even if we've found our next great fannish love?
I forgot to mention Bones! Though, that's a show I've always had a weird love/hate relationship with. It's definitely much improved over last season. My main fears are the writers dragging out Bones/Booth for too long and that they seem hell bent on putting Angela and Hodgins back together. I know, I'm probably one of the few people watching who doesn't want them to end up together.

V has yet to grab me. Though a new character introduced last week intrigued me.

I'm not willing to sell you on the new Doctor yet. I need to see more. But I suspect you'd like him better. ;)

The TARDIS changing looks has happened a number of times over the years, and it's supposed to represent the doctor, so really it's more that it should have changed between Eccleston and Tennant and probably the BBC didn't have the budget/didn't want to change the iconic set after only 13 episodes of the big revival rather than the change being weird now.

A HA! Thank You. That certainly helps to know that. And you are likely correct about the BBC not wanting to spend money on a brand new set after only thirteen episodes on the old one. Correct me if I am wrong (again ;), but I believe the plan was to have Eccleston around longer.

I guess we're all just feeling a little disconnected from posting right now even if we've found our next great fannish love?

I love White Collar, but it's not a show that requires a lot of deep thought or meta so I just can't see myself posting as much about that as I did BSG.
I'm feeling the same way about The Pacific. I thought I'd adore The Pacific even more than I did Band of Brothers, because they were focusing on a slightly smaller group, and we'd get a chance to know them better. But surprisingly, I'm just not, and I don't understand why. I mean, the actors are doing an excellent job, most of the writing is great (although yeah- I wasn't much into last week's with the relationship, either), and it's definitely compelling.

I did find with Band of Brothers, I connected better with the characters the second time through. For some reason, I just always have a hard time telling them apart (although one of the guys reminds me so much of Hot Dog that I have to keep checking IMDb to make sure Bodie Olmos doesn't play him, even though I KNOW he doesn't and he really doesn't look that much like him. It's weird.)

I wonder if part of my problem is the guys on screen aren't connecting as tightly as the Band of Brothers guys? Part of what captured me about BoB was the friendships these guys formed, and I think I'm not getting that sense from The Pacific. In some ways, it feels a bit lonelier, even though the guys are forming some connections. I don't know.

However, my grandmother was stationed in New Guinea as a nurse in WWII, so it's REALLY exciting to see some glimpses of what her life there was like!
I mean, the actors are doing an excellent job, most of the writing is great (although yeah- I wasn't much into last week's with the relationship, either), and it's definitely compelling.

Exactly, so why isn't it more involving? Maybe it's the lack of camaraderie. I read a review that pointed out one big difference between the two productions was, in BoB, the soldiers banded together, in part because of a lack of strong leadership, and, in The Pacific, it's more each man on his own. Or at least we are seeing the individual journey rather than the journey of one company.

The first time I watched BoB I knew which episode was Jamie's first, but as I sat there looking for him...and looking for him...I began to wonder if IMDB had his credits right. Then I realized I had been watching him for about a minute. Between the greyness of the cinematography, the uniforms, helmets and facial hair it was often hard to tell the characters apart.
I caught The Wire after it aired, mainlining a season at a time, so I'm not familiar with what it's life cycle was on tv. I can believe from the feel of the first season finale that they weren't sure if there would be a second, but there's a lot of carry-over to other season finales in the structure of the first one. The second season is the oddity for me; I know what they were trying to accomplish with it, but it feels somewhat detached from the other four seasons. Of course, that's particularly ironic given that one of the major focii for the second season was to highlight what it was like being one of the ordinary working people in Baltimore. I think once you watch through all of the seasons, you'll be impressed with how the overall narrative holds up in terms of emotional and character cotinuity. More than that, you've already spotted one of the major messages that I took away from the show.

Hmm... maybe this means we can use that lunch or something at Dragon*Con to talk about more than just BSG? The Wire is well worth discussing ;)

That's a seriously productive weekend you had - are you naturally organised, or was this with the aid of a list and the satisfaction of being able to strike each entry out when completed?

I was more interested in the recent episodes of FlashFoward than I expected to be. Aaron no longer spending all of his time being whiny or smug helped significantly, and the feeling that the plot is actually moving... but I've not watched this weeks episode yet, and I'm anticipating it turning into yet more navel-gazing about individual flash forwards. I'm going to continue watching, in the same vein that I'm going to persist with Stargate: Universe; it feels like there's a good show in there somewhere, but it's lost in the noise.

I hope you enjoy your trip!
(Sorry, sorry, I just never get to talk about The Wire with anyone!)

The second season is the oddity for me; I know what they were trying to accomplish with it, but it feels somewhat detached from the other four seasons

I feel the same way. The second season stands out in an odd way to me and I think it's because of what the main focus is compared to the other seasons. This is hard to do while remaining spoiler-free. Heh. Anyway: I agree!
I'm on the fourth episode of Season 2 right now. The investigation into the Jane Does as the A Storyline and the drug trade being the B Storyline threw me. But now I'm seeing how the Jane Doe case and everything going around that is leading to the band getting back together. ;) Daniels is about to assemble his team and, assuming he's successful in cracking a few cases thanks to Valchek's grudge (who thought that guy would be good for anything?), the unit will be permit and be back to going after drug kingpins.

How wrong is it that I was happy to see Omar find love again?
(I know that feeling :D Only a few people I know have watched it. No wonder The Metro referred to it as "The best show you'll never watch.")

I liked the second season a lot when I watched it, particularly what it showed about honest work in a city like Baltimore... but I realised just how odd it seemed in comparison to the other seasons after I'd watched S3. I think it's maybe the way the season continues the narrative and emotional evolution of a number of the characters, but makes them feel like much more seperate groups for a long time than later seasons do, perhaps?
Hey, I have A LOT of shows I can talk about. Just wait until you hear about White Collar. ;)

I'm starting to get a sense of what they were attempting to do with the second season of The Wire. There are some aspects of the story I really like, but I also feel the idea may have played better on paper than in execution.

I'm fairly organized, but I'm also a procrastinator so I kind of gave up on making daily To Do lists. ;) I do have a list of things I need to get done, some day. For instance, getting new glasses was on that list. I have a permanent travel list I print out and cross the items off every time I go out of town because I worry about forgetting something. And when I'm feeling buried at work I will sometimes make a list to force myself to focus on just doing one thing at a time.
I don't think White Collar is airing here yet - it's one of the shows I've got noted down to watch, if it appears. Human Target starts this month, and the second half of the first season of SG:U. I've also started watching How I Met Your Mother, which is proving entertaining, even if I only recognise two of the cast ;)

I may have to borrow your list to use for prep when it gets close to Dragon*Con, particularly when it comes to all things airport related...
I haven't seen any of Flashforward since they came back from their break. I just don't really care about it right now. It's a show I want to HAVE watched, not BE watching.

Congratulations on the productive weekend! Sometimes it's nice to have a weekend like that. :)

YAY you're coming here THURSDAY! WOO!
I don't even know if Justified is airing up here. That's how old and out of touch I am. I feel like my parents asking why the young people want to roll stones. ("Kiss rocks? Why would anyone kiss ... oh...")

Having said that, re TO, did you watch Deadwood?

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Justified airs on the FX cable network here and I'm not sure if there is any deal in place to air it in Canada.

I've tried watching Deadwood, but just could never get into it. It's like Mad Men for me. Intellectually, I know it's good, but it still bores me to tears.